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Harry Potter Comic 02

By Loleia
I just wondered whether Ginny ever tried to name one of the kids after someone she knew (Fred for example). And I though it would be fun if they had decided it by playing Rock, Paper, Scissors lol

Teddy=love. If I were JKR I would focus on him instead of Albus Dorkus.
Harry's goatee: I know they aren't popular but I LURVE goatees. If I were a guy I would totally grow one Lol! Also, I always imagined Harry growing up to look a bit Dumbledore-ish, so the goatee would be the first step Lol

(c) J.K. Rowling.

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believe me, Ginny, After's for the best that Harry names them instead so that the kids' dignity will survive

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Because Ginny sick at names,and Albus Severus Potter is the best way to showing forgiveness and how great man that harry become ~:)
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She looks like Stewie
LadyClassical's avatar
Albus's name should be Remus Fred.
snapeonfire's avatar
Best explanation
Oh my gosh.... lol
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These comics are so funny!
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this was honestly such a cop out. i hated how fanfictiony the whole epilogue was.  
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Well, maybe she would have that chance if she ever has a fourth kid.
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Remember, Ginny named Pigwidgeon and Arnold.
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Dying on your comics here, dude.
queenofmintchocolate's avatar
ginny seems rather disproportionately old... 
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Hahahahah!!! Brilliant!!!
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HAHAHHAHAHHAHA I did not think of that! Wow!
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Actually, she did get one name.  Luna was actually Ginny's friend, not Harry's.  But, for the rest of them, this was definitely how it worked.
Luna was Harry's friend too.
Lily Luna was named for Harry's mother, Luna Lovegood and Remus Lupin.
I'm guessing that she never named one of the children after Fred because George's son Fred was born either before James and Albus or after James but before Albus.
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What's with the stupid beard?
I think Ginny would have liked the names.
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I always wondered... I love Ginny's expression in the last panel.
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Didn't she name Pigwidgeon? Might be best that they went with Harry's ideas...
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