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HP: Weasley Christmas

Finally finished!! Christmas 1982 at the Burrow :aww:
From left to right (though if you're any kind of Potter fan you'll know already):
Fred, George, Arthur and Ron, Percy, Molly and Ginny, Bill and Charlie.

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I hate Rowling for killing Fred!
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OMG!! This is so cutee!
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LOL, I love how Percy looks! That's EXACTLY how he would look when he was a kid! 

It's great overall! 
You surely thought about how old they are there? I also thought. Arthur and molly are 32, and their children Bill is 12, Charlie is 10, Percy is 6, Fred and George are 4, Ron is 2 and Ginny is one year old. That's right?
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Looks like my family photo. My little sister was picking her nose, I was just standing there making faces with my little sister, when she was picking her nose. My big sister was a nerd.
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Brilliant! And it's just positively cute, also! Though it does look a bit over crowded (poor Molly and Arthur).
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I love the twins! And Percy looks so dorky... it works. It really does.
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Love love love this!! The twins are too funny. And love Percy's dorky glasses. Everything is very in-character. Possibly my fav Weasley family art.  :)
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So. Much. Redheads!!! I love it! Ron was chubby as a baby, wasn't he? ^u^
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Haha,Percy is so adorable nerd xD
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I wish I could fav this 10 times
The best thing I've seen, ever!
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They're ADORABLE!!!!!!!! Charlie cracks me up!
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Percy looks strangely like a ginger version of my brother.
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I think that Percy is very cute here! x)
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omg this is sooo cute!
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I love how Ron has a flower on his jammies bahaha
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So many Weasleys... @.@
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Love Baby Ron! He's so adorable :)
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Haha, I absolutely love the twins!
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