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HP: Meme Then and Now

Because I haven't submitted anything in ages! I've been doing stuff, just not stuff that I can post :(

Anyway, this comes from :icongerre: who recently posted a "now and then" of her Harry Potter characters, "then" being 2002 (it's really something, check it out: [link])

My "then" doesn't go as far as that, because I started drawing again in 2007 (from 1999 to 2007 I barely drew at all), but it's still a few years ago and I think you can see some improvement ;)

The last two of Hermione and Luna are from 2010 though, because this year I haven't drawn them yet (TO BE REMEDIED!).
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hate to say it but i prefer most of your old stuff. either way you're extremely talented :)
alvringer's avatar
I love your Luna!!!!
mudblood228's avatar
im weird i guess i like new harry and ginny better but i like old ron and hermione better haha but your work is amazing
Hannajohal's avatar
Same but I'm not sure about luna
mudblood228's avatar
EXACTLY! I'm torn with that one...
Hannajohal's avatar
They're both good it's just I can't decide...
DibuGera's avatar
Me encanta como dibujas a Hermione, es más real, todos la dibujan como una chica hermosa, pero digamos que no tenia mucho levante xD Así es justo como yo me la imaginaba :)
shanedemonslayer's avatar
welll i love your work regardless of the year
ImAPureblood's avatar
I like the older Harry better than the new, but they're all good :)
gnarleytoe's avatar
Kassis's avatar
You really have improved!
mosjesex's avatar
2007 harry is cute
Shadownighttimer's avatar
Awww, I prefer the old ones.
Emmonkey's avatar
2007 Luna is adorable.
sushirice25's avatar
I wish I had your art style...boohhooo.
muse-7's avatar
I am very jealous. You've obviously improved tremendously. In my personal opinion, I like the 2007 Harry Potter better. That's just my opinion though, I like the style better.
Well done, though!
gerre's avatar
I'm so happy to see your 'then and now'! Are they really the very first drawings you made of the HP characters? They're really good (I adore your old Ginny!). I'm surprised you can go a whole year without drawings Hermione and Luna though, I scarcely manage a day =D
A-Little-Demonic's avatar
I think you've improved on each character, but the best change was Hermione, I believe. How fun! I'm gonna try this.
nerdfighterkaydee's avatar
I actually prefer your old Luna. She looks very moony and out of it. Very Tim Burton-y.
tharsei's avatar
Magnificent progress!
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