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HP: He's Gone

By Loleia
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"Leave the Horcrux," Harry said.
Ron wrenched the chain from over his head and cast the locket into a nearby chair. He turned to Hermione.
"What are you doing?"
"What do you mean?"
"Are you staying or what?"
"I..." She looked anguished. "Yes -yes, I'm staying. Ron we said we'd go with Harry, we said we'd help-"
"I get it, you choose him."
"Ron, no -please- come back, come back!"

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, by J.K. Rowling
Chapter 15, The Goblin's Revenge

This started as one of my "funny" comics but when I finished drawing Hermione in the first panel she looked so sad and scared that I just wasn't able to turn it into anything funny and I ended up just making a chapter thing.
I remember my jaw dropping as I was reading all this and during most of the next chapter I kept thinking, like Harry "He's GONE" "OMFG HE'S FREAKIN' GONE!" :giggle:
Though I guess the reason I like this part is the fact that I know he comes back :D

Anyway, I did this SO fast I didn't even re-trace the lines or anything (which I usually do), so I took advantage of the crapiness and added a texture and stuff to make it all look intentional (hmm, maybe saying it sort of defeats the purpose, but who cares, right?). The coloring is a bit different too, I tried to do something like kampfkohlrabi does, only not exactly the same hopefully ;)
Also, omfg I am hopeless at drawing working mouths!! What's the secret? I cannot for the life of me draw a speaking mouth properly. Does anyone know a tutorial or something like that?

PS: They're all in their PJs He he he he!
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Harry’s in a mood
Hisanimator's avatar
I was also thinking "He's gone!Nooooooooooooooo!"
TheWildWestPyro's avatar
No. 1 downside of wearing a Horcrux: You become a complete and utter asshole. 

Good thing Ron got better, though.
AssassinHiru's avatar
I like ron but god how many times did i want to punch him in the face.
YourOrdinaryArtist's avatar
ShootingStar1925's avatar
Ron is my favorite character in dis series, but I was still like Y U DO DIS RON?! when that scene happened.  But then I remembered that it was because he was wearing the locket all day XD

is scene made me more sad than mad tho ;_;
Garchompisbeast's avatar
i hate how people still hate Ron to this day for that scene

does no one get that the locket shows you your greatest fears and worries, wearing that for any amount of time would drive anyone to run away
princess0kitty's avatar
Ughhhhhhhhhh!! you fucking idiot!!!! ( Ron I mean)
weeya1's avatar
I remember talking with my mom about this scene and she said that she had to put down the book and didn't look back at it for a while.
avdsouza's avatar
I understand how Ron feel.
The people here don't understand.
SailorMoonieBonnie's avatar
I do hope people understand the effects of the locket a.k.a horcrux that left both Harry and Ron in that state. It wasn't really their fault at all.
hippopoto64's avatar
BlackNightthewarrior's avatar
I love how Harry looks!
JoeMerl's avatar
Nice work. :clap: I especially like Ron's expressions.
saddest part in the deathly hallws part two
widfl's avatar
Poor Hermione... and I love Ron, but to quote Hermione, "You--complete--arse--Ronald--Weasley!"
alvringer's avatar
I love Harry's sulky stare and that they're in their pj's but wait-hermione sleeps in a dress?
rosemae89's avatar
I love how Harry is in the corner giving Ron an evil stare! [link]
fantasygirl1999's avatar
I dont really know who to draw working mouths- But i'll try to find out.
BearTrack's avatar
Hermione wears a dress to bed?
iluvmusicsomuch's avatar
Gasp. Poor Hermione. At least she didn't crawl up on the floor like Bella (that weak bitch)
BearTrack's avatar
So true. Hermione might have cried (as anyone would) but she kept going, stayed loyal to Harry. Bella on the other hand, wasted a whole stinking year lying on the floor of her bedroom talking about the giant "whole" in her stomach.
iluvmusicsomuch's avatar
lol, I know. Bella is an insult to all girls everywhere.
clannadpeach's avatar
dude same here when i read this i like almost cried. and i almost did again just now even though i just fifnised them last year..... T.T
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