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HP: HBP Revelation

By Loleia

Harry laid down his knife and fork, his heart beating rather fast considering that all he was doing was sitting in bed. Dumbledore said to do it... why not now?
He fixed his eyes on his fork, which was gleaming in the sunlight streaming on to his lap, and said, "I don't know exactly why he's going to be giving me lessons, but I think it must be because of the prophecy."
Neither Ron nor Hermione spoke. Harry had the impression that both had frozen. He continued, still speaking to his fork, "You know, the one they were trying to steal at the Ministry."
"Nobody knows what it said, though," said Hermione quickly. "It got smashed."
"Although the Prophet says -" began Ron, but Hermione said, "Shhh!"
"The Prophet's got it right," said Harry, looking up at them both with a great effort: Hermione seemed frightened and Ron amazed. "That glass ball that smashed wasn't the only record of the prophecy. I heard the whole thing in Dumbledore's office, he was the one the prophecy was made to, so he could tell me. From what it said," Harry took a deep breath, "it looks like I'm the one who's got to finish off Voldemort... at least, it said neither of us could live while the other survives."
The three of them gazed at each other in silence for a moment.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Chapter 5, An Excess of Phlegm
by J.K. Rowling

So, this is my first proper Harry Potter fanart! I loved that scene when I read it in the book, it's a very good "trio scene". I haven't seen any illustration of it and I really wanted one, so here it goes!

Oh, I had A LOT of fun making the posters by the way! There wasn't really a description of what's on the walls of the twin's bedroom, so I chose a poster of the Weird Sisters (I know they're guys, but it's MacBeth too so I figured maybe their "logo" was something like that Lol). The smaller poster is from the 1994 Quidditch World Cup, and the banner is from the Chudley Canons. :D :D

Pencil, (brand new) Wacom Intuos, Photoshop CS2
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I really like this piece. The emotion of the scene is conveyed through their faces.
Ron's all bug eyed and Hermione is all 'I can fix this'
Isen-Vinter's avatar
sooo if harry had been a dark wizard and struck an acorde with voldi the prophesy would have been fullfilled as well? i mean when both live none are surviving...
Princess-Lorelei's avatar
Love this. Especially Hermione's face.
JoeMerl's avatar
Fallliingmoon's avatar
I know it's a tense moment but HERMIONE'S WAND! D: It's in her back pocket. o-o
SkyLee-The-Fursona's avatar
did they steal ginnys posters or something? :L i like the various facial expressions.
also i like rons hair here... you usually draw it so short.
Twinkie101's avatar
Love the trio, and you really captured the moment. Kudos to you =D
lollypopliz4's avatar
love the Wird Sisters poster!
Book-Grubz's avatar
Hermione should know better than to put her wand in her back pocket!
I forget when, but I remember seeing in one of the books, if not more, that you should not put wands in back pockets. Hermione, being all smart and stuff should know this :)

But again, loved the pic. I really should stop commenting on so many pics- it is just spamming everything up! :)
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¡Lo dibujaste tal cual lo imagine cuando lei esa parte! :D
Holidayrush's avatar
Brilliant Idea!!!!
Soul-of-juju's avatar
No,no,no!Hermione,don't put your wand in this pocket!
PuffyShirt's avatar
noa12's avatar
Love it!
I love how theyr both like "ORLY?" And harry's all "YaRly."
THEmightyMAZ's avatar
I love how Ron and Hermione look especially!
Cap-a-Pie's avatar
I love this picture! I saw it on The Harry Potter Companion:D
theotherweasleygirl's avatar
oh goodness i love Ron's expression. This is really awesome. :icongivemesmilesplz:
One of my favourite scenes! I love your style. <3
Adeliena's avatar
I really, really love your Ron.
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