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HP: Gwenog Jones Poster

By Loleia
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EDIT: I finally fixed this! I drew her as white blond girl but it turns out she's black (thank you!) so I gave her another face (I think it looks so much better than the other one btw) and colors etc. Thank you to all of you who commented to tell me about the mistake! ;)

Gwenog Jones, captain of the all-witch team "The Holyhead Harpies".

This is a little poster that I drew up in a hurry for a bigger piece that I'm working on.

Basically, I'm doing a drawing with Ginny and Hermione in Ginny's room, and in Deathly Hallows it is established that there is a poster of Gwenog Jones in there, along with one of the Weird Sisters (which I already have from the "Revelation" drawing [link]). So this is the Gwenog one ^_^

It was a lot of fun to draw though, for some reason I love drawing Quidditch stuff! lol

All Harry Potter characters are the property of J.K. Rowling.
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ohh, i didnt know she was black. cool.
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I love the colors! She has that "Game on!" face! :D
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Holyhead Harpies!!! *in a conspiratorial whisper* can you draw the irish national team next? :please:
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I would not have guessed Gwenog Jones to be black, largely because the name is to completely and totally Welsh.

But that doesn't necessarily mean anything, as your lovely chocolate-colored Miss Jones demonstrates. I do think, however, that her complexion probably looks better in green than in purple. ;)
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Yay this is cool!:w00t:
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its scary how much this looks like that girl from princess and the frog
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She's beautiful!
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She looks very pretty, but still kinda hardcore!=D I love it!:heart:
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Awesome :D I would totally have this poster in my room!
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I love drawing quidditch stuff too! xD Lawl, she looks awesome!
She was the one that got proposed by the rival captain in a match, wasn't she?
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Beautiful picture! You should make the old one another member of the team. :D She looked cool as well.
starsandpolkadots's avatar
SO cool. :D I really like it.

Lol, I didn't imagine her as black, too. o_O But that's fine. :D
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Oh wow, this is lovely ^_^
I like the exture to her gloves o3o
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nice but Gwenog Jones is black
mizlestrange's avatar
This is really good! :aww:
But actually I think Gwenog Jones is black... :confused: check her out on JKR official site, she's into the gallery of wizards...

Nice work though! :D
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I usually check the HP Lexicon when I do these things but for some reason the name "Gwenog" sounded like a dark blonde to me and I just went with it!!
I'm going to check JKR's official site like you said and if she is black indeed I'll have to change it!
Thank youuuu for the heads up!!! :heart:
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No no Lexicon is bad... I stopped surfing on it since the whole Lexicon/RDR thing...:noes: JKR is still the better way to get information! :)
Gwenog is the second wizard in the gallery of the Wizard of the Month... :nod:
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omg I know it's bad and I hate myself for still visiting it, but whenever I need to check on a character's eye color, or how many stores there are in Hogsmeade and stuff like that, I keep going there *hides in shame*
Anyway, I checked JKR's site and Gwenog is indeed black and her uniform is purple so I'm gonna go change the whole thing lol!!
Thanks again!!! :D
mizlestrange's avatar
De nada! Yo también de vez en cuando necesitarìa ir al Lexicon para disipar unas dudas... :giggle: Pero estoy intentando de ser solidaria con JK... :)
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This is really cool! I love that you put so much detail into your pieces, can't wait to see the big one :)
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