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HP: Gossip Girls



Parvatti Patil and Lavender Brown circa HBP, from the Harry Potter series.

For some reason I've always had a soft spot for these two, even though they are irritating and silly most of the time. They both joined the DA and fought in the Battle of Hogwarts (at least I remember Lavender did, I don't know about Parvatti), and even though they can be pretty annoying, they are brave Gryffindors at heart ;)

So anyway, whenever I think of them I imagine them walking together down the Hogwarts corridors and whispering about everything that crosses their eye range, so that's how I drew them! Plus, I don't think there are many drawings of these two, are there? :giggle:

A couple of details: I love drawing them with the hats, because even though we don't see them in the movies, they are supposed to wear them in the books (I'm re-reading GoF and it came up). Also, Lavender's messenger bag is based on a very cute cupcake design I love from an online store called Shanalogic.
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i like lavender :) she doesnt deserve hate. i would have thought most teenage girls would relate to her quite well (although maybe thats why they dont like her) and if anyones at fault in the relationship its ron.