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HP: Ginny Weasley

By Loleia
This is a little portrait I drew of Ginny Weasley. I was trying to draw something with a bit of movement to it, because I usually draw pretty... rigid figures. And this is it :)

I think I'm gonna try to make more of these "portraits" of the Harry Potter characters, it should be fun!! :D

Texture by hibbary: [link]

Harry Potter (and my eternal soul) belong to J.K. Rowling.
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© 2008 - 2021 Loleia
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Why wasn’t Ginny like this in the movies in the movies she was a fricking awkward legend

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Ginny looks ferocious here, like if she's saying "get close to my Harry and I'LL KILL YOU!!!!"
TheDarkMind221's avatar
damn. get em ginny
playing with fire!
ToothlessINSANITY's avatar
yeah you just don't piss off Ginny or any of the Weasley's
skyclan199's avatar
I thought it was a hula hoop! Funny how your eye misleads you.
squidjoy123's avatar
Ooh I love this! When I first looked at it though it was really small on my dumb laptop screen...I thought she was violently hoola hooping.
oh, this is great :)
radpad90's avatar
TAKE THAT!! :). Huge Ginny fan
Sparky28's avatar
Nooo, not a Bat-Boogey Hex! I love her movement :D
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I like what she is wearing!
aLittleFighter's avatar
Oh I just love How you've drawn Ginny here! Some people always see her as Ron's little sister, you know, cute and small. But she can be really dangerous and you've mixed it perfectly!!
DragonFly10101's avatar
I love how angry she looks!
Smi11e's avatar
It's great! It's is exactly the way Ginny is mean to be! Fiesty and quick tempered!
ryspoon's avatar
ginny's so kick-ass ! :D
this is awesome <3
Bored-dood's avatar
Hmm- The movement is purty good and all- but I think it might of been better if you drew the other arm and draw the hair not so pointy and "hard'
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I like it very much! :)
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You make her angry, she WILL hex you. Gotta love Ginny

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AlaskanHighlander's avatar
2 life lessons to learn at Hogwarts
1/ Don't piss off Ginny, or she'll hex ya.
2/ NEVER IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE, don't hit on Ginny. And if Harry finds out...
he kills you.
Hey, you drew your skirt on her too. She looks pretty fierce, wouldn't want to mess with her. And the movement looks great!
Night-Miner's avatar
Wow, awesome sense of power from Ginny in this :)

"Size is no guarantee of power, look at Ginny."
"What d' you mean?"
"You've never been on the receiving end of one of her Bat-Bogey Hexes, have you?"
Greti30's avatar
wooho, that is that fever, which i love in Ginny. :nod:
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Absolutly awesome this draw!
I like her expression, very Ginny's
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