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HP: Book 4, Chapter 23

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His eyes fell instead on the girl next to Krum. His jaw dropped.
It was Hermione.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Chapter 23, The Yule Ball

by J.K. Rowling

Viktor Krum, Hermione Granger, Padma Patil and Ron Weasley.

This scene isn't exactly described in the book but I wanted to show the moment in which Ron realizes Hermione is the "pretty girl" with Krum (the quote is from when Harry realizes btw).

Click Download to see the original size and better colors!

This drawing is dedicated to ~bananahan, who gave me the idea and wrote me a very nice note I never replied to :aww:

All Harry Potter characters (c) J.K. Rowling
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DraxulauraStudent Traditional Artist
I love your interpretation of Krum!
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She looks a bit like Princess Leia, was it intentional? 
BTW, a great work)
Blue-Demon-Hybrid's avatar
Very beautiful~
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ApprovingAbnormalityHobbyist General Artist
Nice!  Love the originality c:
Hakusho009's avatar
Great picture! I really like that you decided not to go with the usual style of putting Krum in military-inspired dress robes. He looks really supervillain-chic in this. XD All their expressions are fabulous, too.
Cuileth's avatar
So pretty!
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aww yeeeah, you got everything sooo right here. her dress is fantastic! i loved the one from the movie but i didnt understand why they changed the colour. although i guess pink suits emma better than blue. idk.
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AndharianStudent General Artist
I actually imagined Krum to be really good looking xD
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OMG Krum looks SO great!Awesome expressions! love the way everyone looks at them..^.^
MrsBraun92's avatar
Your hermione looks beautiful!
and your, he looks so good ;)
PhantomReyne's avatar
wow krum looks mega hot here.
DibuGera's avatar
No me imaginaba a Viktor así pero puede ser porque ya había visto la película antes de leer el libro :P
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SnarkusTotallusHobbyist Digital Artist
The expression on Padma's face is awesome :D
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Sparky28Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ron's expression is priceless (and Padma's face, too xD)! Great job!
Audrey-Poisson's avatar
Hermione is so beautiful
Terrajaide's avatar
Aw! This is great! Lol, at Ron's dress robes. :D
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fantasygirl1999Hobbyist General Artist
Hermione looks really pretty!
BeatrixBonnie's avatar
OMG!!! It's so perfect!!
Your Hermione... she is exaclty like she appears in the book! Blue dress and the chignon!
Fantastic, I love it (and, of course, I hate film's version so distant from the book!)...
iluvmusicsomuch's avatar
Oh Hermione looks gorgeous! Beautifully drawn!
Arashi32900's avatar
I love how they both seem to realize that Hermione can actually be quite pretty.
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saiyan-queen-vegaHobbyist Writer
Is it wrong that when I saw this the first thing that popped into my head was Hermione's voice saying "Hey! Eyes up pal. My face isn't down there."?

But Viktor's wondering eyes non-withstanding... this is an amazing piece. The expressions are all wonderful and I feel like your really captured the moment from the book quite well.
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halfeatencandybarsProfessional Artist
Oh, this is so lovely! :)
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YiotsieHobbyist General Artist
Ahaahahha Victor is soooo hot! <3
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