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HP: Art Project Ch5 CoS

This is my contribution to the Harry Potter Art Project!! [link]

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Chapter 5 "The Whomping Willow".

It's by far the most complicated thing I've ever drawn and I'm really happy about it. My brother (who's an engineer and a car nut) helped me a lot with the Ford Anglia, which was excrutiatingly hard to do lol!
The willow is not exactly like the ones in the movies but it's how I imagined it when I read it, like a leafless tree with huge branches ending in knots that are almost like fists.

This is right after the tree has beaten the crap out of the car and the car is about to throw Harry and Ron out and drive away into the forrest.

Let me know what you think!
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Can I please display this in my group gallery?
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ok, this was one of my favorite scenes in all of the series XD
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I've featured this photo on my article [link] .
Visit my group page :iconwillow-ivy-lovers: and join us!
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I love the angle that you chose to draw this scene from. Really cool! I have featured it in my HP journal entry here: [link]
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Awesome! The hard work on the Ford Anglia really paid off; the dings and dirt on the body are really convincing.
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That should have been the cover of the book!
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It looks so awesomez
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Great job! I love this!
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Oh!I love the colours and the lights!
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Run Away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Awsome! But there is 1 thing that is bothering me. :constipated: Ron's nose is really LONG! Not to critize but i'm just sayin'.
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lol, their expressions are like 'hoshihoshihoshi ho shit~!!!!!'
I really like the way the headlights look. =)
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This is amazing! I love how you did the light effects!!
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this is fantastic.
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I wonder why I haven't faved this already. o____________O
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This is gorgeous, the lighting and brush work are amazing!
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I really love the perspective!!!!!!!!! Wonderful work!!! Awesome!!!!

and by the way thank you for the fave!!!!!! XD
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.... LOVE IT!!

the car is awsome!
Poor Ronny.. look at 'is face ^^

good work xD
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:wow: Amazing! The composition blows me away!
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Why thank you!! ;)
The composition is actually what I like best about it; I was going to go for something much more plain but then I had a stroke of inspiration and bam! :D :D
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