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HP: Art Project Ch4 HBP

By Loleia
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My second drawing for The HP Art Project.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Chapter 4 "Horace Slughorn".

I was a bit bummed to have gotten this chapter (mostly because the one I was dying to do was the next one lol) but then I had a lot of fun drawing Slughorn and I would never have drawn him otherwise, so I'm glad :giggle:

This time I've gone for a very cartoony/exagerated style. :D
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yay! i love jim broadbent but this is how i imagine slughorn. why couldnt broadbent have a mo? he managed it in moulin rouge.
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awesome you captured him perfectly!
ahh, now THIS is Horace Slughorn :)
I was so disappointed that the movie Slughorn didn't have a mustache!
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Oh. my god yes. Horace is my LOVE! this is the bessst.
Matching perfectly :D
SnarkyOverload's avatar
Wow, awesome! I love your drawing style!
CrazyLuna12's avatar
Lol. He's a fat hunk of hotness!
zsoly's avatar
Wow! Beautiful lighting, you really did a grat work with that fireplace! :clap:
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Justo como lo imaginaba! jajaja, es fantástico.
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Not exctactly what I thought of Slughorn, but this is great too...:)

Plus, nice shadowing...

I love that glass of wine...!:dance:
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Woah, that's basically how I imagined Slughorn, except more...bald? XD I dunno, great job though. ^_^
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Great Slughorn, and I love his pyjamas!
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I love his expression. :)

This looks great!
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Se ve muy copado :3 Y tiene una mirada onda Jim Broadbent (al que le SACARON LOS BIGOTES D8).

Bata = :heart:
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Not exactly, how I pictured him in my head, but I like it.
FlockofFlamingos's avatar
Haha, I like the little glare off his bald head.
AfrOdITa18's avatar
i like so much!!
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Ha, thus is by far the best depiction of Slughorn I have ever seen!!!!! I bet Jo loves it, thumbs up and a trip to my favorites!
Phenixfeathers's avatar
He's scrutinising the next addition to his collection aka Mr Harry Potter (or the chosen one *insert whatever Dumbledore said here*. Hey I'm typing it from memory and you know exactly what I mean).
And we need some crystallised pineapple and photos of celebs he’s helped in your next one (you are going to do a next one right. I mean you can't leave something as fabulous as this on its own now. that would be a crime (and yes I did say fabulous and I never say fabulous))
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I really like your version of Slughorn. It's almost like how I imagined him when I read the book. Only difference is my image gave Slughorn a huge walrus mustache. OH WELL! Different people, different visions. :) You're is still pretty darn cool.
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HAHAHAHA...Fat man >w< -gigglesnort-
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Just.Perfect. :heart:

Have I ever told you how much I LOVE your linework? :D
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