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HP: Arnold and Ginny

... Yeah, not my best title lol

Ginny Weasley and Arnold the Pygmy Puff!
I'm working on other, more complicated stuff (and lemme tell you, perspective is a b-i-t-c-h!) but I'm completely blocked, so I just did this to loosen up a bit. I'm not sure it worked but at least I drew something! (I've been sick all week but I'm all better now).

I'm sure I would end up squishing my pygmy puff too hard and killing it if I ever got one, they're just so freaking cute!! Like purple Tribbles!!

All Harry Potter characters (c) J.K. Rowling
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So Sweet! x3 I'd look the same way if I'd have a pygmy puff, too c:
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I used to think those things were evil because they were too cute x3 I love her face!!! :love:
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darn ... wish my brother was pink ... then he would go with my favorite blue and lavender tee shirt :D
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"Arnold" is an anagram of "Ronald"...does she want her bro to be pink?
lilybox2's avatar
I would have army of pgmy puffs! so friggin cute!
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I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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Hehe I ruv her arm wamers! This is Cuteness!
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so natural pose!
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So cute! I want a pygmy puff!!!!
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My puff would be squashed, too. xD
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I think I would squish my pygmy puff, too. They're too darn adorable!
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Awww! So cute! And pygmy puffs are like purple tribbles! :)
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Awww! I love Ginny's face! :D
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AW, I wants a Pygmy Puff tambien :3
WeasleyWizardWheezes's avatar
aww that's cute! i love ginny's exprssion :D
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Aww so cute. I like that little furry thing, I don't remember if it had a name on the book, but I still like it ;)
And I like how you have drew Ginny's fondness with that furry thing :)
I want an Arnold. ^_^
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the shirt is awsome, and arnold is adorable! i want a pigmy puff! :(
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