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DA: The Lady and the Lawyer

My very first Downton Abbey fanart! :giggle:

It probably won't come as a surprise that I am a HUGE fan of the show, and I am absolutely in love with Mathew and Mary :D So here they are: Mathew wearing his full dress uniform (how amazing did he look in that red number?!!) and Mary wearing her deep red dress from the Christmas Special :aww:

I'm afraid I didn't quite manage to capture their likenesses though; at first I tried but then I gave up and just aimed to make the characters recognizable somehow.
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Here I am, obsessed with this 8 years later. Seriously, these two (plus Tom and Violet) are the only reason I watched the show. I think you did a wonderful job capturing their likenesses while using your own wonderful style!

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That looks so awesome. (:
Matthew was my favorite charakter, he has such a beautiful character...

One question:
Could I use this picture as a Avatar in a Forum ? Of course I will credit you with a link to your dA website! (:

Let me know what you think (:
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The feels! Aaaaaah! The feels! Matthew... sob... --------
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This is awesome! So glad to have finally found the source of this picture! :) Good work! :)
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Oooooh very nicely done!!  I particularly love Mary, and honestly, I think you have captured her very well! :D Great job!
My favourite couple.  They're soul mates. Season 3 finale. . . :(
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GORGEOUS work. Love the expression on her face-- those eyes!
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So beautiful...even if Downton Abbey breaks our hearts again!
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Beautiful, sexy, gives me the chills! Great JOB!!!
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very nice calm art style. I also like the show quite a bit
This is incredibly. I ADORE it.
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This is amazing!!! I love these two so much!
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ohmygod this is wonderful
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This is my favorite show and this is my favorite couple in the show and your art is beautiful and I am now dead.
I can't stop looking at this
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You are incredibly talented.
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this is so gorgeous, i love it..
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They're a great couple. I hope they get together again.
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LOOOOVE IT! I can't wait for season 3 to start or for season 2 to get onto Netflix!!
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Beautiful! My favorite pairing on the show by far, and this is a lovely representation of them.
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What a beautiful style and coloring! I love the way you drew them. It looks so wonderful!
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