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Tecafo-St: Miyu Omori by Lolalilacs Tecafo-St: Miyu Omori by Lolalilacs
:icontecafo-st:   So beautiful -weeps- :iconundertakerwiggleplz:


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Name: Miyu Omori 

    - Age: 22

    - Gender:  Female

    - Sexuality:  Heterosexual

    - D.O.B:  July 12th

    - Height: 

    - Weight: 125 lbs

    - Nationality:


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    - Drink: 
Chamomile Mango Herbal Tea

    - Description of drink: The juicy flavor of mango is mixed with the sweet and relaxing chamomile, when pouring into a tea cup a sweet aroma fills the room soothing you to the bone. You feel not quite like you are at home, but at a tropical paradise. Sitting on a chair out on the beach, as you take your first sip, seeing the waves crash up against the shoreline. You feel encased by the aroma, and your problems wash away. This tea is the perfect drink, if you wish to get away from life.

     - Cafe: Tecafo Tea 


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    - Personality:  Sweet | Kind | Passionate | Calm | Earthy | Gullible | Indecisive | Stubborn 
    Miyu is a sweet 22 year old woman, with a passion for gardening and cooking. As long as she is outside tending to her grandfathers vegetable garden, she is at ease. Since Miyu is earthy she loves spending time outside, which involves her occasional trips to the woods just to breathe in the fresh air. The feeling of being surrounded by a forest makes her feel 'alive' more then she already is, sometimes she even wonders what her life would be like living in the woods. Her calm exterior shows when she is busy working, or just going about her usual day. When she is around friends, Miyu does tend to let go of her calm side 'sometimes'. Miyu is very gullible, if you tell her something that sounds 'real' she will believe you, which believing everything puts an impact on her kindness. When it comes to deciding on something she is very indecisive, say if it's the most simple of decisions, to her it's a choice that will destroy the world. Miyu is also very stubborn, she does not take no for an answer. When she is right about something she will try to prove it to you, even if it leads into an argument. Please, for your own safety don't correct her on something she thinks she's right about.

    - Biography:  Miyu had lived with her mother and father for most of her life, until her parents had to both move away to pursue their job goals. Her mother wanted Miyu to stay home where she grew up, she knew that moving to a different home would be difficult for her daughter to adjust. In order for Miyu to stay, she had to move in with her grandfather Eric. He was a kind old man and protected Miyu like she was his own daughter, it had taken Miyu a while to get used to living with her grandfather. Miyu's grandfather lived on the outskirts of the city, where the country side resided. He was a farmer, and owned a good sum of land which was a healthy place for Miyu to grow up at. As a child Miyu was quiet, she minded her own business and stayed to herself which she enjoyed. At the age of 12 she befriended one of the horses at the farm, she was a peruvian paso horse with a rich brown coat and wavy golden locks. Miyu named her Butterscotch, since the view of the horse looked exactly like butterscotch that she seen her grandfather eat before. Each day Miyu would get up early before school and go out to the barn, just to groom and feed Butterscotch. To her that was her only friend, she thought at the time that only her horse understood her and the thought made her smile. She would also take care of her grandfathers vegetable garden, watering the vegetables and bringing them inside in a basket when they were ready to be sold or used in Eric's cooking.

    High school soon came for Miyu, and she didn't know what she wanted to be in life. She had made many friends, but they all had their plans figured out for after high school. One question lingered in her mind, what if she didn't want to be anything? Sadly, she knew that couldn't be an answer to what she wanted to do. Every person in this world has to make money to live, and in order to make that money she has to pursue something she finds interesting. Miyu realized that she was good at cooking, maybe that could be what she goes to college for? With that in her mind, she was determined to major in culinary. Imagining all of the ideas that would happen in the future, if she did major in culinary sparked passion in her eyes. After high school she was fixed on a college of her choice, but realized it was a bit 'pricey' and she did not have that kind of money. Since Miyu is kind, she didn't feel up to asking her parents for the money or her grandfather so she tried to search for a job. Each job she tried to apply for was declined, and she was forced to go back to square one. After High School was over, 4 years passed and she was without a job. She helped out around her grandfathers farm in order to provide for him and herself, since they raised chickens and had corn crops they were able to make a profit. That year she found an ad in the newspaper for a cafe, called Tecafo Tea. The name gave her hope, a sense of 'you should go for it!' Serving tea would be interesting, and Miyu always loved the smell and taste of tea. Every time she had a huge test, or a report paper she would drink some tea to calm her down. With her hopes high, Miyu decided to apply for the job. Each day she would sit, waiting for the phone to ring of some good news.


+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

    - Likes: 

Point Right Gardening
Point Right Cooking
Point Right Horses
Point Right Nature
Point Right Summer
Point Right Work
Point Right Baggy clothes
Point Right Kittens
Point Right The Beach
Point Right Grandfather

    - Dislikes: 

Point Right Dogs
Point Right Big houses
Point Right Liars
Point Right Rain
Point Right Winter
Point Right Peanut butter
Point Right Litter
Point Right Rude people
Point Right Drama shows
Point Right Bugs


- Wears citrus perfume
- Forgets to brush hair sometimes
- Lives at her grandfathers farm on the outskirts of the city
- Not that good of a cook yet, but makes a 'mean' salad
- 0:00 to 1:05 is her voice…
- Determined to pay for college
- Once locked her car keys in her car

RP Methods:
  I use notes, and skype and I roleplay in paragraph, script I don't like.
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