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TG: Kazue Hayakawa by Lolalilacs TG: Kazue Hayakawa by Lolalilacs
App for: :icontokyoghoul:
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 [ N A M E ] ll Kazue Hayakawa

[ A G E ] ll 22

[ K A G U N E  T Y P E ] ll Koukaku

★  [ B I R T H D A Y ] ll November 5th

►  [ J O B ] ll Wedding Planner

★ [ H E I G H T ] ll 5'5

► [ W A R D ] ll 20th Ward

★ [ B E L I E F S ] ll Anteiku


► [ R E L A T I O N S H I P  S T A T U S ] ll Single

★ [ S E X U A L  O R I E N T A T I O N ] ll Heterosexual

► [ P E R S O N A L I T Y ] ll Ambitious//Unforgiving//Loyal//Manipulative//Determined

★ [ G O A L S ] ll Freedom

► [ F E A R S ] ll Losing loved ones, death


★ [ H I S T O R Y ] ll From the day she was born, up to the age of fifteen she was taken care of by her parents. They were trying to live normal lives, and her mother had a tendency to get into serious trouble. Her mother was a binge eater, which did not help them stay incognito. They lived in a nice apartment, next to a neighbor who was a single parent and in fact a human. Kazue's parents were good friends with their neighbor Emayai, she tried to help them as much as she could. Even though her parents knew how to raise a child, they wanted a little bit more of an experience. Which Emayai would provide, and have her daughter have play dates each time she was asked to help out over at the house.

A few years later Kazue was ten, her parents would have arguments every now and then and her mother was starting to get vicious. It seemed like her mother really didn't care anymore, if they were found out and killed. All she cared about was filling her stomach, her stomach that never seemed to satisfy itself. Her father warned her mother, pleading with her to stop and listen. Well, her mother would just make a small statement "So? They haven't picked up on us and they never will." So her father would give up, and walk away. Soon it became clear, after a few months that her mother lost everything in her mind. She ended up murdering her best friend and devouring her, as her own child hid in the closet softly crying. Of course, the girl caught her face knowing who it was.

It was like a strange blur to Kazue, all she remembered was her father grabbing her arm tightly as she pleaded for him to let go. Her father did not listen, all he was worried about was keeping his daughter safe. He did not care if he had been caught, but as long as he brought his daughter to safety that was all that mattered. He managed to pack a small luggage for Kazue, placing her stuffed animal in her arms so she would not cry as much. Soon, fleeing from their house that they lived in for many years. All the memories gone, and no longer surrounding them.

On the news a month later, there was a article. A news reporter on TV explained about a binge eating ghoul, that was caught eating every last ounce of a single mother whose child was safely hid in a closet only to watch what horror occurred in front of her very eyes. Kazue was caught watching the news, as the news reporter explained. She was not dumb, Kazue could understand what happened and she was very ashamed of her mother. Her father soon caught her, flicking the channel to something else. He looked like a wreck, like he lost everything in the world. Her father would not eat, he didn't have the energy or the mind for that matter to stomach food just because of his mindset. She could understand how broken he looked, how he didn't seem like he wanted to go on anymore. Kazue began to attend school at the age of twelve, but that ended up backfiring since the smell of humans started to effect her more. Which she tried to control, life went on.

March 14th, the date everything crumbled. She walked in on her father committing suicide. With his own kagune, he just repeatedly stabbed himself until he was nothing more then a lifeless husk. Oh poor Kazue, she cried and cried but she knew it would not bring her father back. She knew that something like this would happen but she would not believe it. With a knowledge, she grabbed what her father had for money and ran off. Her being fifteen didn't change anything, she wasn't able to buy her own house so she lived in the streets by herself. Killing for food when she needed it, and living off of other miscellaneous items that were scattered about.

For about three years she suffered like this, and it effected her drastically. At the age of nineteen, a fellow ghoul took her in and showed sympathy for her. It was a young man who had to be around the age of twenty-five, he was in charge of a bookstore. One night he stumbled across an alleyway, finding a woman rugged and hugging the tattered jacket she had worn close against her for warmth. After a two years of being in her care, she grew into a wonderful woman and even found a job soon moving out. She promised to repay that man, but she has forgotten his name since a lot of events have occurred for her lately.

► [ B I O (Now) ] ll Right now, Kazue is living in an apartment building in Tokyo. It's small but fitting to her, since she is the only one living there. Currently she's working as a wedding planner, since she finds it enjoyable and she can live around humans without being terrified of survival. As a wedding planner she gets to attend all of the weddings she plans, which she's always loved that. Kazue tends to not worry in fear, that she will be caught. Since she is doing the best she can acting human, she always secretly hates being a ghoul but it has it's ups and downs. All she hopes is that nothing comes and tries to kill her, and she won't really have a problem if that doesn't happen. 


★ [ L I K E S ] ll

:bulletblue: Cleanliness

:bulletblue: Friendly ghouls/humans

:bulletblue: Fish

:bulletblue: Weddings

:bulletblue: Living

:bulletblue: Manipulating

:bulletblue: Art

► [ D I S L I K E S ] ll

:bulletblack: Dogs

:bulletblack: Binge eaters

:bulletblack: People with no common sense

:bulletblack: Loud noises

:bulletblack: CCG

:bulletblack: Rude comments about her

:bulletblack: Sketchy people


★ [ E T C . ] ll

ll Self image issues (likes to fiddle with braid)

ll Has tattoos, and a huge one upon her back

ll Heterochromia

ll Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD - She's afraid of contamination
so she wears gloves before she murders someone, and she drains them of their blood
into a blood bag. Making sure the bodies clean, before she eats the human. Has a
tendency to brush a chair off before she sits, or uses hand sanitizer after she has
hand contact with someone.)

ll She is fun to be around, but sometimes she acts awkward
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