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S.O.S: Python by Lolalilacs S.O.S: Python by Lolalilacs
This group is wonderful :iconsaveourseouls:

"Watch out, I bite."

Full Name: Pyon Il-Sung [ ㅔㅛㅐㅜ ㅑㅣ-녀ㅜㅎ ]

Stage Name: Python

Gender: Male

Age | D.o.B:  19 | July 21st

Height | Weight: 5'2 | 136 lbs

Blood Type: O+

Languages: Korean + English


Around Fans: Considerate | Compassionate | Fun-loving | Playful | Sociable | Obedient | Abrupt | Rowdy (sometimes)| Wishful

Not around Fans: Hardworking | Playful | Sociable | Witty | Absentminded | Abrupt | Childish | Gullible | Tense | Wishful

Around Python's fans, he makes sure to keep a positive view among others. Which he accepts gifts with a smile on his face, enjoys making jokes with his fans; but more so with his band members. Following rules, and answering questions he makes his top priority. Fans adore that their questions will be taken care of, and answered thoughtfully. If he does not agree with a question, or a topic he does not like; Python acts abrupt. When his band members are around, he tends to slip from his positive nature, depending on their conversations; his rowdy side comes out to play. On the stage Python tries to get the attention of his fans by making 'cute' gestures, while he raps. Usually the cute gestures move from winking, blowing a kiss to the crowd, or he motions a piece sign with his fingers over his right eye, while his tongue sticks out playfully.

When Python's not around his fans, he is usually off at home preparing another list of lyrics that seem interesting while he raps. If anyone tries to contact him while he is busy writing, he ignores their phone call. Often Python is practicing dance moves while everyone is out of the studio, if he can't get a dance move right he is usually stuck there for the night until his body is finally able to make it work. If he is hanging out with his band, or friends he acts like a dork but there is a point where it exceeds and turns into childish acts. Python always tries to squeeze in a lot of humor if he can, which makes his witty remarks come out to play, if the conversation at that point seems 'perfect' for the right time to jump in. Of course, even when he is abrupt in front of his fans he is abrupt not in front of his fans. If he does not like something, he will make sure you 'hear' from him but not later, probably the second after he hears about it. Never tell Python something important that he needs to remember, because sure enough he probably won't remember what you told him. Being gullible has it's advantages and disadvantages, you can either tell him something like a lie and he will totally believe you, and you would probably laugh about it. Or someone else could tell him a lie about you, and he would believe it until proven that you yourself, are guilty from what the person who lied said. Python also has two traits that collide, him being tense and wishful. He wants a lot of good things to happen for him, but he sometimes gets tense thinking his wish will never come.

Band: EDEN

Position: Rapper

Why I joined S.O.S: "I joined S.O.S because I wanted to make something of my life."

+ Likes | - Dislikes:

+ Lollipops | Ice Cream | Cats | Sweaters | Snakes | Flannel | KBBQ | Kimchi | Rain | Video Games | Any color of green | Bed

- When a mic messes up and screeches | Dogs | Snow | Sleeping on the floor | Noisy people | Reporters | The News | Feeding his pet snake


:bulletblack: Born into a low class family

:bulletblack: Has two older siblings (older brother and sister)

:bulletblack: Family owned a pet store in South Korea, Pyon helped out taking care of the animals

:bulletblack: Father had to find a job in America, which made the family move, but going to school there for 5 years was absolutely terrible.

:bulletblack: Moved back to South Korea once father died from over working, mother was left to take care of the 3 children

:bulletblack: Beginning of High-School, found out he had a knack for rapping after listening to an Eminem CD

:bulletblack: Finally realized his dream of wanting to be a Rapper, so he began to pursue the line of work

:bulletblack: Siblings moved away to America, and Pyon stayed with his mother until he had enough money to move out

:bulletblack: When he moved out he practiced each day until at the age of 19, where he made his first steps into the industry.

:bulletblack: Siblings moved back right after, and started their own careers.

Fun Facts:

:pointr: Has a pet burmese python that is yellow was a gift from Yong

:pointr: Bisexual (Doesn't tell a soul) - In a relationship with Yong (aka Sunny)

:pointr: Voice is similar to G-Dragon…;

:pointr: Has a python tattooed on his right & left shoulder, that connects and a small sun on the back of his neck

:pointr: Wears cat like green emerald contacts

:pointr: Likes to sit out in the rain

:pointr: Has a stash of photos of his father on his phone

:pointr: Never tread in his room, everything is black and green

:pointr: Sings out loud when listening to music, doesn't quite realize

:pointr: If he passes by a candy shop, he must buy something

:pointr: Under the band-aid on his nose, he has a scar that he acquired when he was in school

Popularity: Senior trainee

Fan Count: 2910


Preferences: Paragraph | I RP through Skype, or notes. Comment if you want to RP, and then I'll note you and ask if you want to either RP on Skype or notes.
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Fellow bandmate and rapper :eyes:
Lolalilacs Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Hello there~ We should RP sometime, since we are fellow bandmates.
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Yep! I'll send you a note if that's alright o/
Lolalilacs Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
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oh my what I coolio bby~ we should rp sometime~

Leo: i sit in the rain too!
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Thank you! We should :o

Python: That's cool, we have the same interest!
Pillowmier Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2015   General Artist

Leo: Ciel Smile!! 
Lolalilacs Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Note me if you wish to RP
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