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NC: Carmela Norcross by Lolalilacs NC: Carmela Norcross by Lolalilacs

"Isn't life simply fascinating?"

Name: Carmela Norcross

Age | D.O.B: 24 | February 5th

Gender: Female

Nationality:  Italian | Spanish | Native American

Height | Weight: 5'4 ft (162.56 cm) | 126 lbs (57.153 kg)

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Role: Normal

Ability: None

Occupation: Works at a coffee shop part time, and helps teach a small studio art class.


:bulletblue:Good Traits: Alert | Compassionate | Courageous | Creative | Loyal

:bulletblack:Bad Traits: Envious | Blunt | Hostile | Argumentative

:bulletblue:Alert: Tends to keep an ear out for interesting information, and if you try to scare her she will see it coming.

:bulletblue:Compassionate: Will make sure 'said person' or animal is alright, doesn't matter who you are.

:bulletblue:Courageous: Doesn't take no crap, if someone is in danger she will volunteer herself to help out. Or if someone is picking on her friend, she will stick up for them. 

:bulletblue:Creative: Uses her creativity for drawing and painting, will draw you secretly if she notices you. If you need help with planning something, she will think up the most creative way possible. 

:bulletblue:Loyal: She will not betray you, she will stick by you through thick and thin. If you're in trouble, she will try her best to conceal you safely from whatever trouble you are hiding from. Secrets are safe with her.

:bulletblack:Envious: Is very envious of the ability of creation, she finds it so fascinating.

:bulletblack:Blunt: She feels telling the truth is better then hiding it.

:bulletblack:Hostile: When it comes to people flirting with her, she becomes hostile towards them. She's not used to people flirting with her, and it sets her off.

:bulletblack:Argumentative: If she feels she is right in the argument, or an argument needs to be justified she will argue with you for about a few hours if need be until she's won.

:bulletblack:Clumsy: This girl trips on air, if not careful. Since she lives in a small apartment building, she uses the stairs which usually doesn't end up well half the time. 


Born into a middle class family of normal's, Carmela Norcross was raised by two loving parents in a some what nice neighborhood. Her father was a lawyer, and her mother was a nurse at the time. Growing up was tough, since she didn't like the idea of being like everyone else. The thought was unsettling, she wanted to be different and not look like a clone of another student in her school. Since everyone sort of stayed away from her, Carmela became a quiet but alert child. Drawing in her sketch book from time to time, she had a fascination with Leonardo Da Vinci. His forms of artwork set her heart a blaze with inspiration, she vowed to herself that she would become that artistically inclined one day. As she grew up, she was taught about the people who were called Creators. The very idea of them creating something from almost thin air was so spectacular, so intriguing. Though she became very envious of what they were able to do, not being able to have the same powers like them; that thought was saddening.

At the age of 16, Carmela was a Sophomore in high-school. Starting to come out of her quiet shell, she made a lot of friends that were very close to her. Knowing they enjoyed her for who she was, that brought a pleasant feeling to her mind. High-school was normal, but fun for her. Though it never occurred to her what she wanted to do for college, until her art teacher pulled her aside. The art teacher persuaded Carmela to become an illustration major, since she was always caught drawing some place. In class, out in the hall, or during lunch. So she agreed, setting up her own portfolio she began to place each and every artwork piece inside. Making sure she had enough to present to the college she wanted to attend, even though come to find out, after high-school she couldn't attend college until she provided enough money. Her parents tried to pitch in but they needed the money to continue paying for their home, so Carmela had to provide for herself.

After two years, she settled down in a small apartment building. It wasn't that small, but it was perfect for the money she was being paid. Working part time at a coffee shop, and helping out teaching a small studio art class pays well. Even though she juggles the two jobs, it betters then doing nothing in her opinion. Visiting her parents from time to time is hard, but she makes the trips on holidays. Keeping up the with news, having heard about the whole war unsettled her. Knowing that many people didn't appreciate creators having that kind of power, though fear is what makes a person not wish to see the future. Many people felt the creations would destroy them all, while others felt they would save humanity. Carmela agreed that the creators were a sense of good, that having them would possibly save humanity if it ever came to that. The thought of a normal world without creators would be boring in her opinion, and she didn't wish for that to happen.

+ Likes | - Dislikes:

+ Coffee | Rain | Art | Red | Foxes | Photography | RAID | Video Games | Snow | Scary Movies | Being a blanket burrito | Bed

- Dogs | Being Alone | Tea | War | Noisy people | Peppermint | Alcohol | Heat | Perverts | People using their creations for evil | Soap Operas


:bulletred:RAID: Believes that having RAID around will provide people that are unable to create, to be able to create for themselves. She goes for RAID because hopefully one day she will be able to create something, and experience the feeling of it, or the thrill for that matter.

Fun Facts:

:pointr: Lives in a small apartment building.

:pointr: Owns a white Norwegian Forest Cat.

:pointr: Doesn't like living alone in her apartment, freaks her out. Even though she owns a cat, staying up watching horror movies does not help.

:pointr: Loves the smell of cologne.

:pointr: Not very religious, but religious.

:pointr: Likes to open her window, and draw while it rains.

:pointr: When seen at work, her hair is pulled back into a tight bun or french braid.

:pointr: Takes the taxi, and sometimes rides her bike.

:pointr: Currently owns two jars filled with money that she's saving up for college

:pointr: Sometimes you can find her sitting in a park, on a park bench in the middle of the night.

:pointr: Loves shopping, even though she's very cheap about things.


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