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GoE: Alcmene by Lolalilacs GoE: Alcmene by Lolalilacs
This group is beautiful :icongraceofecho:

Full Name: Alcmene

Gender: Female

Age:  Looks 22 ( Actual age is 212 )

Height | Weight: 5'5 | 158 lbs

Species: Kemonomimi ( Unicorn )

Region: East Leia | Ravenous Haze

Occupation: Traveling healer

When Alcmene first deciphered she could rejuvenate, perhaps she mentally conceived she could utilize her faculties to aid others. For knowing the pain of an injury, knowing you might die from it is unsettling. If she could at least offer her services..someone might not have to go through a bitter end.



A fast casted healing spell that heals the target or caster overtime.

⇢Circle of Healing⇠

A slow casted spell, will heal five people in the circle but drains mana immensely.

⇢Divine Blast⇠

Projects a pulse of energy at a target burning them overtime.


- Positive - ✔

 Considerate  ↳ Will do anything for someone in need.

 Neat ↳ Likes to keep everything clean and organized.

Sophisticated ↳ Reads a lot of books.

Loyal ↳ If you have helped her or end up becoming her friend she will be very loyal to you.

Calm ↳ Very close together, not too excited unless it's something she likes.

- Negative - ✘

Blunt ↳ Will not hold back on bringing up something. 

Distractible ↳ Is easily distracted when focused, tends to like the quiet.

Envious ↳ Wants to be powerful like others. 

Impatient ↳ Being calm and impatient does not work for her, she slowly loses her mind if left waiting for too long.

Weak ↳ Being a healer has it's ups and downs, meaning shes very weak when it comes to protecting herself.

+ Likes | - Dislikes:

+ Nature | Lavender | Crystals | Waterfalls | Spring | Music | Fine Jewelry | Wine | Books

- People who are ignorant | Feeling weak | Snow | War | Being alone | Bar fights | Obnoxious snoring  


Alcmene grew up in a lower class family who resided in a farm like village located in a forest, right against large colossal mountains which shrouded their homes on Eternia. Her mother and father were farmers that worked off the land, providing for the villagers who were all considered remotely family. Her oldest brother tended to the farm animals who were hurt, and needed attention.

Now little did Alcmene know that she would be growing up into the commencement of a great war. The first war. Between the people who called this planet home, and against an alien Xenion legion who wanted to destroy us.

When the war conclusively commenced many of the villagers lost their lives, including Alcmene's father and brother. Her mother was still alive but severly injured. Having visually seen her mother lose her arm against one of those 'things' had stuck with her since, and will always stick inside her mind; knowing that she lost half her family that day. Soon after Alcmene and her mother had fled the village fearful that they would be next, while eluding they ran to a nearby town asking for shelter for the time being. It seemed to be a safe haven, having multiple sentinels to forfend people from neighboring villages which were either burned to the ground or citizens were slaughtered by the Xenion forces.

Now much of her childhood she'd relish to forget, but when they migrated to their new home on Prismatica everything changed. Her mother was never the same again, a widow now who lost both a husband and a son. She was always so weak, and she suffered of heartbreak. It was hard to visually perceive her mother in so much pain, maybe she could do something? Become something? Knowing what she was, unicorn kemonomimi's were proficiently adept at rejuvenating facilities but that was only obtained if you were met to have such a thing. Some just had a spark of rejuvenating and it would vanish, maybe if she could hone these faculties she could preserve other people who've suffered the same pain like her mother, and the many others who were injured along the way.

Maybe her mother could be saved?

Most of her life, Alcmene grew up rigorously practicing how to imbue her divine energy into something more. Something great. Stumbling upon an injured creature sanctioned her to work on them as her patients, virtually testing her strengths. Though one day her rejuvenating powers conclusively awakened, she felt alive. Reborn? It was hard to verbalize, but now was the time to give back.

To aid the people in need, and to give her mother a sense of calm. She was too late..when Alcmene came back home the following night her mother had hung herself. Not wanting to live on much longer in pain. For an outlandish reason she wasn't crying, knowing why her mother had done it and yes it was not right to leave her daughter behind. But maybe she couldn't have done anything to avail her mother, with the facilities she had acquired now wouldn't have done much of anything against the illness that her mother suffered in her mind. Even so she gave her mother a proper burial, and set her spirit at ease.

Ever since that day Alcmene wanders the land, offering her services to people who've injured themselves and even animals in need. 

Voice:  link 

 Fun Facts: 

:pointr: Can turn into a unicorn but only when she has enough power to do so, when turning into one it drains her immensly.

:pointr: Room is filled with books and vials no spec of dirt in sight.

:pointr: Her unicorn horn provides light at night, for it glows.

:pointr: Has a ton of plants lined outside hr windows.

:pointr: Breast size: DD

:pointr: Very self conscious about her skin color.

:pointr: Has a sweet tooth but lies about it.

:pointr: Usually spotted near waterfalls.

:pointr: Finds her hair annoying to take care of.


Info: Paragraph | I RP through Skype. Comment if you want to RP, and send me a note with your skype name :)

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Aka-Ai Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
She's so cool omg//// the colors and details on her outfit are so nice
Lolalilacs Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you so much! She was a lot of work, but I'm satisfied with her.
KOUSUU Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016
u made it into the group omg!!! i hope our gorls can interact n stuff but i hope u have fun in the group w everyone else too !!
Lolalilacs Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
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Lolalilacs Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
I'll try to download it later, since I have to get up for college in a bit <3
KOUSUU Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2016
oh u can just use the browser version! the update journal has the link to check out later after ur classes ! good luck and come when u can :^ )
Lolalilacs Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
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