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CODA: Holly by Lolalilacs CODA: Holly by Lolalilacs


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Name: Holly Alexander 

- Age:  21

Height: 5'7 

Weight: 158lbs

Occupation: Works full time at a local flower shop in Adagio.

Type: Vocalist

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Lullaby: You are my Sunshine -…
Lullaby description: When Holly was at the age of 17, she was in a relationship with her high school love David. He was always there to cheer Holly up when she had her ups and downs, never leaving her side. Before graduating senior year, David promised Holly that they would get married and live as a happy family with no worries. Holly's biggest fear was losing her love, she was never able to stomach the thoughts of David leaving. Which her emotions played a huge part in 'You are my Sunshine'. At the almost end of senior year, Holly stumbled upon her love David cheating on her with another girl in the high school. Her heart shattered, and she did not know what to do, so she ran out of the school running home. Staying home for about a month, never attending school. Her tears would never stop, and she had never felt this much pain before. Holly knew it would happen soon enough, she just didn't want her 'Sunshine' taken away.

Lullaby Skill: The lullaby effects the listener by filling them with sorrow and the feeling of being lost.

[ Pocket full of Sunshine ] Heal…

[ Hit and Run ]

[ I need your love ]

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 Personality:  Reliable | Independent | Unforgiving | Private | Disorganized | Kind
Holly is a very reliable person when need be, if you want her to hold on to something she will keep it safe. Then if you're lucky, she will be able to return it back to you without losing it. Since she is very disorganized she tends to lose many items, here and there. Holly is very independent, she prefers to do things on her own without the help of someone. If she meets someone new, she likes to have her life be private without them knowing a little too much.
Since her love cheated on her, she's very unforgiving when it comes to certain actions people do to make her mad. If you act kind to her, then she will act kindly to you and might become your friend.

History: In Adagio Holly lived with her father Andrew, who was a single parent. He struggled trying to pay for their bills to keep the house together, and food to make sure they stayed healthy and alive. Holly would rarely see her father, and never really did find out what actually happened to her mother; until a relative had told her. Holly's aunt told her that she had died in a fire at her work, a year after Holly was born. She was depressed but knew that her mother was always with her, and that thought kept her happy. At the age of 14, Holly stumbled upon old storage. Many boxes were her mothers, others her fathers and curiousity overwhelmed her. The first box that she opened was filled with old tapes, and pictures. Many of the tapes were of her mother singing, others were video tapes showing Holly when she was a baby. The pictures of course were of her father, Holly, and her mothers relatives.

Holly became really emotionally attached to the tapes that were left behind, it was the first time in her life that she knew what her mothers voice sounded like. Her mothers voice was so magneficient, which played a huge part in Holly's musical life. Once Holly went into High school at age 15, she decided to sign up for choir. Choir made Holly feel alive, her whole life started to open up. Being in choir helped her gain really good friends, go on amazing field trips and sing infront of a large crowd. One of her friends Rachael, suggested that if Holly wanted to be a singer she should learn how to play an instrument. Which Sophomore year she signed up for band, along with choir and decided to start to get herself familiar with the piano. She was very rusty half of the year, not really understanding how to grasp the concept of the notes. A kind classmate named David became to teach her the ropes, after about a year David and Holly became very close. Holly started to become familiar with the piano now, her fingers were fast paced and she began to use her singing with some of the notes. Which Junior year, David and Holly became a couple.

Soon Holly dropped out of band at 17, because of her boyfriend troubles with David. She did not want to see his face ever again, and Holly did not feel up to doing anything. Even in choir her voice was mellow, and did not have that sort of spunk that made her what she was. Holly graduated, leaving her friends and troubles behind. Her father had a long talk with her about what she wanted to do in life, at the time she didn't know. Everything was crashing down around her, yet after listening to one of her mothers tapes she felt better. Holly knew she couldn't back down, so she was hired at a local job (flower shop) near her home. Since she loved flowers, her ideal job for now revolved around tending to and selling flowers. Hollys life became better, she started to sing again but with more life in her voice. She also spended a lot of time at a local coffee shop, since they had a piano she was able to brush up on her piano skills. At 21 Holly was presented with a calling card, which was held well in one of her hands. The morning came and Holly was shocked to see the paper, she glanced at it not sure where it came from. The question presented her with "Is this the end?" and had a yes or no answer, flipping the card to the back she seen a gruesome death which was herself. Holly was terrified, and quickly returned to the front of the paper circling "No."

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  •  Singing 
  •  Cats
  • Flowers
  •  Spring
  •  Friendly people
  •  Muffins (Loves them)
  •  Rain
  •  Reading
  •  Butterflies
  •  Rude people
  • Badly treated plants
  • Dogs
  • Snow
  • Cheaters
  • When she's disorganized
  • Liars
  • Being stranded
  •   Room is all over the place
  • Lives in a small home by herself
  • Has a Norwegian Forest cat named Floral
  • Goes to the library a lot
 RP Methods: Notes, or Skype
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