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Alo by Lolalilacs Alo by Lolalilacs

New Profile from  FR: Alo by Lolalilacs

►  [ N A M E ] ll Alo

★ A G E ] ll 24

► L E V E L ] ll 5

★  [ B I R T H D A Y ] ll December 23rd

►  [ B R E E D ] ll Lynx

★ H E I G H T ] ll 4'9

► I T E M S ] ll Satchel, and bone knife

★ P A C K / H E R D ] ll None

► W E A P O N S ] ll Claws, bone knife


► R E L A T I O N S H I P  S T A T U S ] ll Single

★ S E X U A L  O R I E N T A T I O N ] ll Confused atm

► P E R S O N A L I T Y ] ll Quiet//Cautious//Loyal//Smart//Determined

★ W E A K N E S S ] ll Defense

► S T R E N G T H ] ll Agility


★ H I S T O R Y ] ll  Alo grew up in a cabin in the woods, his parents taught him how to grow as he grew day by day. They never really tended to stay with their herd, his parents felt that they needed to protect him for a while because Alo was their first born. He always loved the outdoors, and rarely went outside to learn about the outdoors. Even though his mother would sit and teach him what he needed to know, his father would mainly take care of rounding up food. Once Alo hit the age of twelve his was allowed to go hunting with his father, he loved the feeling of the wind through his hair. That was the best feeling, especially against his ears. Alo became very good at tracking animals, and he was very capable of catching them with his agility that he started to develop. 

Alo's parents were very proud of their son, and they hoped that one day he would become a fine leader like his father use to be. Soon at the age of fifteen his parents ended up dying from a food shortage, they only cared about feeding their son at the time and did not care about their well being. Once they passed, Alo became quiet. He wasn't energetic like he used to be, and he started to steal from other packs. Since he lost the reason to hunt, he lived in a cave near a waterfall for most of his life up to nineteen. Which he had began to meet a lot of new friends, only a few though. He was never really much of a talker, but he enjoyed talking time to time on occasions.

► B I O (Now) ] ll Alo is adjusting to his new grown up body, and he is very proud of himself. He still tends to lock himself away, at times. Of course, he still steals but uses more stealth now then anything. He hasn't really seen any of his friends around, and tends to spend most of his days in a new found cave he had acquired. 


★ L I K E S ] ll 

Bullet; Blue Waterfalls

Bullet; Blue Peace and quiet 

Bullet; Blue Snow

Bullet; Blue Caves

Bullet; Blue Hunting

► D I S L I K E S ] ll 

Bullet; Black Rabbits

Bullet; Black Tall people

Bullet; Black Rain

Bullet; Black Loud noises


★ E T C . ] ll 

ll Has the tendency to steal items

ll Very cautious

ll Has a large scratch mark on his back

ll  Awkward to talk to
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December 8, 2014
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