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AB: Eyolf Heartwind by Lolalilacs AB: Eyolf Heartwind by Lolalilacs
Name: Eyolf Heartwind

Age: 18

Species: Half Winged Wolf

Personality: Shes a sweet yet shy person she loves pink things and also her pink blanket she carrys around with her but shes also embrassed because she thinks shes weird of how she looks since she loves wearing old fashioned dresses.

History/Past: She use to have a master but then he died he was a nice master which she did obey him for whatever he asked for. Basically even before she met her master she was born how she looks like now she notices that there are different people like her but not the same as her which use to scare her. She had a bad past when her master died because he died right infront of her eyes..this monster looking thing stabbed him right through the heart and blood splattered everywhere even on poor little Eyolf. Eyolf after that day really doesnt even have any really protective emotions since she still doesnt feel safe till what happened that day. When she was walking out of her masters mansion she was walking on the road she was around 15 and a kind yet weird looking man brought her to Abandoned Factory and said she could get a home here now while she is here all she is, is just looking for a new master to take care of or obey orders from.

Likes: She loves pink, old fashioned dresses, she does a bit love being scolded *shot* , and loves interesting people even if there strangers

Dislikes: people who are mean to her, people who try to take her blanket
Grimmjowthepanther Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2011  Student General Artist
pink winged wolfs ;o;!!! *glomp*
Lolalilacs Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
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