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Bellatrix x Hermione: HOW

Bellatrix Lestrange: That sword is meant to be in my vault at Gringotts, how did you get it? Did you and your friends take it from my vault?
Hermione Granger: I didn't take anything. Please. I didn't take anything.
Bellatrix Lestrange: I don't believe it.


More photos from the awesome Harry Potter shoot organised for the final movie.

Bellatrix :iconlolainprogress:
Hermione: :iconbjmac:
Photo :iconhoukiboshi:

A big thanks to :iconbjmac:for letting me (quite gleefully if im honest) Pin her to the ground and draw on her :iconmegustaplz:

And :iconhoukiboshi: for taking our photos and delaying with the derp that was this shoot >_>

I'm going to probs reshoot this at some point, not gonna lie, had like 1 day to make that costume after my dear sweet cat peed on the first one OTL

See the group cast here

Join the Group for this shoot to see more from it here

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Great expressions & the clothing is spot on.

This shot portrays bellatrix as more of an individual- as she looked quieter in her approach to hermione and less devoted to the lord how I thought she should have been portrayed on screen.

Importantly, good stuff & sooooo sexy- I wish I was Hermione here!