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Kingdom Death-White Speaker

By lokmanlam
The 5th character art for Kingdom Death.
Please visited Kingdom Death main page to get more image and the sculpture of her :)

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*Love* the design of the knife!
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No offense, but it seems to me, the pelvis anatomy is wrong here: the legs can't be twisted to one side, while the torso to the other. Thigh don't turn like this. The only place human body can twist in is the waist. Check it in the mirror ;)
Hope that helps! and good luck
MBNaveed's avatar
Such a perfect mix of attributes for this character. Such delicacy!!
Ultrajack's avatar
Love your style, your work is amazing!
AnimaObscurum's avatar
Great colors, shading and details in your work. Love the skin tone.
Waanmo's avatar
Wow!! Amazing work and gorgeous design! I love it!
DarkerEve's avatar
Love this outfit of her, pretty fantastic work.
o0terabyte0o's avatar
Wow, those feet are amazing. :D
eduar3's avatar
excellent work
nHuE's avatar
Elinewton's avatar
Another nice concept!!
I love her tinny outfit!! ^^
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kylehost's avatar
yes amazing i lpve everything about it. great artwork.
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twoshoe's avatar
Sexy... i like it.
Z2pik's avatar
i love the red smoke ! =p
Phlebegothnyarre's avatar
Awsome as always, cant avoid to think that she cut herself and is a "somewhat" kind of blood-mage
Gotzendammerung's avatar
The artwork is gorgeous. The design is striking and the shading, color effects are top-notch. That said, the anatomy seems a little off especially the midsection. The angles of the shoulder compared to the hip seems skewered a bit.

Perhaps that's why the sculpture slightly corrected the pose to a more natural or plausible one. Then again u can cite creative license and insist that such goddesses of death aren't beholden to mortal limits! :D
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your colors are great!
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