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Kingdom Death-Twilight Knight

By lokmanlam
Happy Chinese New Year!! Hope you have a nice start on 2010!! I draw this illustraion for a board game which name is Kingdom Death. And she already become a 4cm tall mini sculpture, I'm waiting to launch for a long time,
and today, everyone can get she home!! :D
Please check the link and buy it, haha.

Kingdom Death
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...interesting,.. ...the sword and character -- well done.

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Amazing clarity.

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Absolutely love this character and this image.  THE iconic image for Kingdom Death, I think.
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how iz shes name u know it??
lokmanlam's avatar
haha, sorry i forgot it XDDD
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amazing feeling and coloring
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Another strong effort on another strong woman.
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Games ultimate armor.
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Ha. I had you on my watch list for a while and didn't realize you did the Kingdom Death art. Nice stuff!
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her thighs are so chunky, I love it!
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first thing that made me click - that hot body
what made my jaw drop was the use of color I see why you get paid to do what you do
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I really like her expression. It passes a feeling of duty but also sadness.
Also, the coloring and shading are perfect! Not to mention the anatomy (hot body!).
The only thing that bothers me a bit is her hip.

Your character art is very inspiring, I've favorited a lot of them. Keep it up!
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Awesome !! it's too beautiful :)
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so nice work i would love the have commission like this character
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i can't favorite this one again. :(
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but you can give a "LIKE" for kingdom death facebook page, thankssssssssssssssss!!! :D
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Oh cool I found the guy that modeled it [link]
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yeah, he is my frd, a really awesome modeler!!!!
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you and your friend did an awesome job on the character. :D
I'm trying to learn how to draw and model & both of you inspire me
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