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Kingdom Death-GreatGame Hunter

By lokmanlam
Great Game Hunters are a character class for Kingdom Death. They come from the largest standing human city. Great Game Hunters venture beyond the safety of the city gates to win fame and fortune on behalf of the bickering noble houses that control the city. Rich with finery and honed weapons, they confidently stride into the unknown, often never to return.
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So... why is Peegee a hunter now?

And don't tell me it ain't Peegee.  She's got the right hair, the right outfit, and she's also the only person who can lift a crossbow that size without any visible musculature. 
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It look like a Medieval Fantasy Powergirl. :D Very nice job.
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She has a weird look on her face...
like, pouting and suspicious at the same time...
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This is quite nice. However, you should draw bigger, larger arms of the crossbow. Now the crossbow has a really little arc, so it can't extend the string so much to arrive to the trigger mechanism.
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very nice work
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Kind of interesting how it only takes a few similar elements to make some people think "wow, this kind of reminds me of Power Girl", even though this art clearly has nothing to do with Power Girl or even DC Comics. The short blond hair, the pale skin tone, the short red cape, the fan-service exposure of her large breasts, and the white color of her small piece of clothe.

With that said, this is a very attractive character design. She has the body that many men desire and is dressed very provocatively; but the armor, cape, and gun she has shows that she's no damsel in distress. She can handle herself just fine. There are some things that I either find odd or unnecessary, but hey, it's a fan-service fantasy character, so who cares.
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Did you notice the weird look on her face, though?
She looks kind of pouty or upset.
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Reminds me of Power Girl
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Awesome design.
o0Magnus's avatar
superb concept
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Wow! Great character!
ForestDwellerHouses's avatar
Not a bad creation, I like your colors, nicely done!
LadyBlue-Art's avatar
Very beautiful :D she kinda reminds me of Power Girl from DC comics :'D
tabby-like-a-cat's avatar
what is the brush you use for the background behind the girl? its so neat
lokmanlam's avatar
I use photoshop to draw. I mix it by the default brush for drawing the background:)
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just wow! awesome design
Endrance88's avatar
man you make cute outfits
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Love your designs and the way you use that wacom!
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