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Kingdom Death-Dragon Sacrifice

Kingdom Death on now, please support, Thank you for your fave and lovely comment, too :D
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Lovely victims like this in real life and fantasy

All I can think is "what a waste"

Guess that's the appeal of the game and the agency one enjoys in it -- maybe some sacrifices don't have to happen
Wonderful drawn.
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I suppose a dragon would like its meal attractively presented, in a way that's easily removed.

I like her facial expression. Fearful, but tempered with despair and acceptance. She knows her fate, and knows there's no escape from it.
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Why are we not funding this!!
Allyatharii's avatar
awwww ;w; she's adorable
magical-spoon's avatar
dem legs
LilithRealm's avatar
I like her expression!!=__= though her horns are kinda funny..
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Seems kinda pointless to dress somebody up all elaborate if they're about to be eaten
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I like it a lot!
TheSkaldofNvrwinter's avatar
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Hm, i see Dark Souls everywhere lately...
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Wonderfull stuff as always mr lokmanlam! Keep up this amazing work! Well done sir!
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HOLY crap. She's so thick and gorgeous. Why so sad though? Did she miss dinner? I know what that's like.
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Thanks! she feel sad becoz she will be the dinner of the monster :D
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That monster sure has great taste in women! [link]

That was a horrible joke, I apologize.
Nice Work, I am definitely a backer. It has been great seeing new items appear and seeing more of your art appear!
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will she be eaten by a dragon? i hope not....
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but yes, she is XD
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Why do all these girls seem like they're having such a bad time?
lokmanlam's avatar
becoz they're all living in the nightmare~
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