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Chun Li

By lokmanlam
Chun li is hard to use for me, but i love her~:P
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She's my 2nd easiest character to use, after Ryu/Ken
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Great imagianation
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Looks like she borrowed something out of Lei Fang's wardrobe :D
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Thats a sexy Chun Li!
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Sickest Chun Li competition.
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Very cool take on Chun Li!
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i love your work and your style, this is one of my favorite chun li illustrations, :)
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you kick ass, mister lam!i was just thumbing through the ifx portfolio issue, 2009 where i first heard of you.Nice to see more!
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Awww, being a ryu fan since SF2 days i feel sorry for the big guy fawning over this beautiful woman that just kicked his ass. Using them thick, hawtie chun thighs no doubt :)

A few novice trick with chunli are spamming the lightning leg kick when preforming other moves like:
(jumping)Hard Kick, (stand)Hard Kick, spam EX lightning kick, and spam EX lighting kick again for the juggle. It takes two EX bars but is easy timing and takes off a big chunk of life.

Another thing to do with chun is hold off your opponent by zoning him/her with your long limbs (LEGS/Kicking) and using EX spinning bird for anti-air.

I guess i like to burn my meter ... ;P

Well im not sure if that helps, or if its sound advice but thats my rendition of a decent chunli game. I am by no means an expert...just an old fart who has developed some game over the years.
очень красиво!
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Love that costume, wish it was in the games ^^
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I removed this pic from my favourites.

and then i added it to my collection called "EPIC". :D
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Who doesn't love her!?
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I enjoy this alternate variation of Chun-Li. Great job!!!
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she is beautiful -
Ahhh my beautiful Chun. ^_^
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great colors and thighs XD
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I hate how ryu is gettin the best view in this one and he has that look as if hes sayin "So one night stand meant nothing to you?lol
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