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I'm waaaay more active on Tumblr now! I mean, I'll try to keep up and post my latest drawings here as well.

BUT! If you want to stay up to date, here: My tumblr
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I made a thing

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And totally forgot to show y'all

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I need a good place to buy binders, but siiiince where I live, the dollar is like- 4 times more expensive or something like that- Idk, then I need a place where I can buy without wasting too much money if that's possible. If not, then I just need some place that I can trust my money with.
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() You are thin and or tall (Nah)
(X) You like/wear suits (They're fabulous)
(X) You constantly feel that you're surrounded by idiots (Ah yes, my friends.)
(X) You're pale ( :T )
(X) You enjoy the forest (It's calm and quiet... c: )
(X) You follow people (See? It's called follow, not stalk)
() You enjoy having authority
(X) You like to mess with people. As in, picking up and throwing people (if you can't, then you would if you could)
() You have one or more people who you're the boss of
(X) You enjoy being alone (A time for yourself is never that bad)
Total: 7

Jeff the Killer
(X) You prefer a knife for a weapon (Well, you get to torture before killing them)
() Rabid fans scare the hell out of you
() You're vain
(X) You're insane (I guess?)
(X) You enjoy fighting (HELL YEA I DO)
(X) You're arrogant (I don't mean to be tho :T )
() You enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror
() You often find you can't catch a break
(X) You enjoy being up/out at night (I guess so. It's quiet.)
(X) You get paranoid about things (Social Anxiety sucks, my friends)
Total: 6

Eyeless Jack
(X) You favor certain types of meat products (liver, leg, ribs, etc) (Heart :T )
() You're good with a scalpel
(X) You're good at sneaking around (When I was bored, I followed a guy from school until he entered his house. I have no idea who that guy is.)
(X) You often wear dark clothing (Always.)
(X) Blood doesn't bother you (I love gore <3 )
(X) Organs fascinate you (How the fuck do they even WOOOORK)
() You have a lot of self control
() You have good hand eye coordination
(X) You're good at hiding (Hellz yeah I am.)
(X) You're quiet (Being shy can be difficult.)
Total: 7

BEN Drowned
(X) You're good at computers (Kinda.)
(X) You've hacked something before (You tell no one.)
(X) You enjoy video games (AW YEAH)
() You like to get high (wut)
(X) You're a bit of a pervert (I-I'll admit....)
() You don't like water
(X) You're on the internet a lot (This is mah life.)
(X) You enjoy messing with people ( ¬u¬)
(X) You don't like doing what people tell you (I usually get frustrated when they do.)
(X) You snack a lot ( c: )
Total: 8

Smile Dog
() You enjoy having your photo taken
() You enjoy going outside
(X) You often give people information and tell them to pass it on (Sometimes???)
() You enjoy treats every now and then
(X) You enjoy photo manipulation (I mean, it is pretty cool even though I don't know how to do it.)
() You have a nice smile
(X) You like dogs (Pugs and huskies <3 )
() You like attention
(X) You enjoy naps (ZZZZZZZZZZ)
() You like your teeth
Total: 4

The Rake
() You have long/sharp nails
(X) You get irritated easily (Oh definitely)
() You have beautiful eyes (._.)
() You enjoy small spaces or rooms
() You're sick of a joke(s) being made about you
(X) You run fast (Kinda, but yeah.)
() You can't take a joke
(X) You snap easily (*sigh* short tempered)
(X) When you get angry it's hard to control yourself (Indeed it is)
(X) You don't like being accused of things (Specially when that thing isn't something I did)
Total: 5

(X) You're good at picking things up with your feet (That's what being lazy teaches you)
() You can do things with your feet that you can with your hands
() You're generally good with your feet.
(X) You enjoy simple things (Cookies :T )
(X) You like hugs ( ÓwÒ)
() You enjoy walks
(X) You have a strong kick (So be careful or I'll kick ya in the nuts. If you don't have nuts, I'll make ya grow one and then I'll kick it)
() You enjoy talking
(X) You have many amusing stories, all of which may not be true (Like... Scary stories? If so, then yeah)
(X) If you were a pony you'd be an alicorn princess and give free waffles to the needy. Because you can. (HELLZ YEAH)
Total: 6

(X) You like making friends (Friends are always nice :33 )
(X) You enjoy hugs (Free hugs º3º)
() You enjoy going to/throwing parties
() You like sweets
(X) Sometimes your personality can get a little out of hand (*sigh*)
(X) Sometimes you don't know your own strength. (Yeah, I can be a bit ignorant when throwing things ^^' )
(X) You like colors, especially rainbows (DOUBLE RAINBOW ALL DA WAY CROSS DA SKY)
(X) You enjoy games (Gamer since forever)
(X) You like to have fun (Who doesn't?)
(X) You get scary when you're angry (People have told me that I do look really scary xDD)
Total: 8

() You look fabulous
() You feel fabulous
() You are, in fact, fabulous
() You have an attitude
(X) You enjoy compliments (I think everyone does)
() You plan what to wear
() You have many accessories
() You take fashion seriously
(X) When people insult you, you snap (XDD)
(X) You're sarcastic (WHA- NOOOOOOOOOOOOO)
Total: 3

(X) You have a favorite drink that you are often seen with (Soda :T )
(X) You love trolling people (TROLOLOLOLOLOL)
() You're good at parkour
(X) You're good at sneaking around (INDEEDDDDD)
(X) You know a language other than English (Actually english /is/ my second launguage)
() You're sexy and you know it
(X) You're overprotective (Yep)
(X) You enjoy tricks and pranks (Tricks or tricks? THERE'S NO ESCAPE)
(X) You often wear black or white (STRIPES <3 )
(X) You enjoy being mysterious (Aaah.... Masks... <3 )
Total: 8

() You smoke
(X) You get angry easily ( XD)
(X) Little things irritate you (Depends, but yeah)
(X) You have a soft side (I dooo ÓwÒ)
(X) You're in denial of said soft side (shit)
(X) You're violent (I TRY NOT TO BE OKAY?)
() You can change your voice easily
(X) You enjoy the shadows (I /AM/ THE SHADOW MWAHAHAHAHA)
() You're harsh
() You can deceive people easily
Total: 6

(X) You're good at crafts (I guess so)
(X) People have described you as cute ( XD)
(X) You like cats (Mew :T )
() You don't really know the boundaries of personal space
(X) You're oblivious to many things (I try not to be :T )
() your mindset is innocent
() You love your friends, even if they don't love you back
() You're happy most of the time
() You don't swear
Total: 5

You are: Well what the fuck. I'm BEN Drowned, Splendorman AND Kagekao.
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