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HPFH Chapter 6

War, Love and Friendship Night had fallen, and all the neighbourhood kids were gone. Michelle and Vanessa, who were sleeping over, were sitting on the swing set, talking quietly, staring at Nalani's retreating form. The latter came to sit next to Kuzon and Kiran, out of the girl's earshot. 'Okay, I asked them to give us a minute,' she said quickly. They looked back at the two girls who were giggling loudly in between whispered conversations. 'So, I guess you told them?' Kuzon asked Nalani, avoiding her eyes. 'What?' Nalani said hesitantly, 'No, they jus- Nevermind that, it's not what I'm here to talk about.' She glanced quickly at her friend

Harry Potter and the Fire Heiress fan fiction

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Professor Albus Dumbledore in context

A.N.: Whenever I come across a fic that paints Dumbledore as a villain on the same level as Voldemort, there are a few things that come to mind: 1- Rowling did too good a job of portraying the man as a wise old man who had powers that were almost on the level of omnipotence, because people seem to think he orchestrated all the events from book one to book seven with the precision of a clockmaker, with comments such as: he raised Harry like a pig for slaughter. You can't make that assertion without saying that Dumbledore had as much knowledge as J.K. Rowling herself. 2- And that one is something that the costume designs in the movies really proved for me as soon as the 1st Harry Potter movie came out: people don't seem to grasp the extent of the segregation between the Wizarding and muggle world. I honestly think that people (especially those who think Dumbledore was as malicious as Voldemort) elevate Dumbledore and his abilities much higher than the reality. A little like the

HP fanart

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