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Awesome Icons

Here are a bunch of fun Loki/Tom icons that many of us have probably already seen, but that you can all use anyway!

:iconlokidlaplz: :icontomhiddlestonplz: :iconavengerslokiplz: :iconhiddlesapprovesplz: :iconloki-plz: :iconlokismileplz: :icontesseractplz: :iconlokidplz: :iconloki-d: :icontrolllokiplz: :iconcattomplz: :iconlokiloveplz: :iconlokifacepalmplz: :iconlokiapprovesplz: :iconlokifaceplz: :iconyolokiplz: :iconlokigrinplz: :iconyuppafartedplz: :iconavengersloki-plz: :iconovariesplz: :iconbosslokiplz:

Someone needs to make more of these icons! X)
If you know of any more of these that can be added, please let me know!

Gallery Folders

Loki by MaryRiotJane
Loki - Architect of Ragnarok by apfelgriebs
LOKI by kasukie35
Loki Progress by Natalisa234
Loki in Dark world
My Loki Embroidery by maya-Notliketheother
Loki embroidery by maya-Notliketheother
Loki embroidery by maya-Notliketheother
Through the fire by AnnGeea
Contest Entries
Comic Strips
Cover by VideaVice
Page 38 by VideaVice
House Arrest Loki 18 by SMachajewski
Younger Siblings by Kaivris
Loki in Thor
You did well, brother. by Lykusio
..:Loki:.. by pitchblack1994
Loki the Rightful King by slavicbeastie
A Prince and His Cat by kuroya-ken
Loki in the Avengers
Loki God Of Mischief by pitchblack1994
Relaxing With a Book by ErinPrimette
Suffering, Suffering, Suffering by pitchblack1994
I'm not overly fond of what follows by movieman410
Other Avengers Fanart
Handmade Marvel Superhero Hawkeye Backpack by RbitencourtUSA
Handmade The Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes Pillow by RbitencourtUSA
Handmade The Avengers Thor's Hammer Square Pillow by RbitencourtUSA
Handmade Caucasian White Nick Fury with Gun Pillow by RbitencourtUSA
Tom Hiddleston
Sir Thomas Sharpe - Crimson Peak V (Full Version) by AdmiralDeMoy
Sir Thomas Sharpe - Crimson Peak V (Section) by AdmiralDeMoy
Tom Hiddleston by Wojak1991
Tom Hiddleston portrait by dmkozicka
Stamps and Flash
Torki kiss by Hi-Ku
stamps Loki by pitchblack1994
Interesting conversation by Taitiii
Stamp 2. Loki by Taitiii
Maleficent and Loki by Ka-ren
Sir Thomas Sharpe by Lawleighette
Loki in Marvel comics
Loki AoA by VideaVice
Loki and Tom
Oops! Caught by both by Taitiii
Loki in Norse Mythology
God of Illusion by MaGeXP
Loki + Captain America - Comic Con Germany Cosplay by Mon-Kishu







**No spoilers ahead, don't worry.**

WOW! I saw Age of Ultron on Friday when it was released, and it was SO AMAZING. I thought the first Avengers movie couldn't be beaten, but this one was also sooo good. No Loki, but still great! I just love how Joss Whedon is able to blend comedy and action in his movies so seamlessly.

There were SO MANY characters in this film. I loved getting introduced to new people, so I'm excited for future movies featuring these new heroes! (Oh, and did you watch the after credits!? CRAZY).

If you've seen the movie, what did you think? I'd love to hear about your reactions!
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Other amazing Loki and Avengers fangroups!


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princess-sweetflower Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
I would dearly love to do an Avengers Role~Play with someone~!

My oc will be Serena and she will be a child that one of the Avengers team's finds as an orphan on the street's. and she will be raised by Loki.

My OOC Serena will be an adult about the same age as clint's but a little younger. But this time she will be new to the team for she will fall in love with clint and him, and he will fall in love with her. 

Serena falls in love with Loki and he falls in love with her, and he joins the Avengers,

My oc will fall in love with Clint Barton and she him. and yes she will be joining the Avenger's team as well. or she can be a child that one of the team's find, you choose.

or clint finds Serena as a child and raises her.

In all of them, I would want Loki to join the Avengers team cause I think he would be a great addition to the team. 

The chose is up to you.

1. I do story mode 

example "I love your outfit." Lizzy said

2. just have fun

3. take turns with the characters all of them I'm okay with not sharing your oc if you don't want to share them, I'm fine with that. 

4. I'm okay if you don't want to roleplay as my oc Serena cause you feel it just isn't right. I'm also okay with it

5. I would dearly love to do it throw notes or google doc's, so send me a note or comment down below if you want to start a Role-Play together.

6. I want someone long term as well, and don't be afraid to tell me if you want to stop and take a break or just stop it altogether, I will not get mad at all trust me on that one.

7. You can also take your time getting back to me as well, but I do want to know that you are still into doing the roleplay once in a while cause; I had a lot of people not getting back to me at all when I ask if they are still interested in roleplaying with me at all.

8. You are allowed to add your own OC so you don't have to ask me if you can. I am fine that you do. in fact, I encourage it, the oc's the more fun it will be.
9. I can do mature parts and other stuff like that, but if someone isn't comfortable with that I'm okay with not doing it. 
slavicbeastie Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for accepting my painting :D
lokimymuse Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks for acepting my drawing!^^
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Would anyone like to roleplay with me?
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Hi ! I'm kinda new to DA, so I wanted to knoe what groups are and how to join one? If possible, I'd like to join this group
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Why hello there!!!!
Groups are places where people who all like similar things come together and talk about said thing or look at artwork featuring that certain something. In this case, my group is called LokiMyLove, and is therefore devoted completely to the God of Mischief himself ;D This group is all about Marvel movies and more specifically LOKI. Many deviants browse or submit art into the art gallery folders or read the multitudes of fanfiction we also have in our gallery. I can certainly send you a join request!!! Enjoy our group!
Oh and also, Welcome to DA!!! 
LordBayatmorti Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank You so much!
LucyDimond Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014  Student Artist
who doesn't like tom hiddleston? WHO EVER DOESN'T LIKE HIM SHALL BE STRUCK BY LIGHTNING XD Megurine Luka (Agrees) [V1] 
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