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I'm in love with those brushes from yesterday, so I did a little bit more brush work in terms of editorial design.

~Katanaz-Stock has plenty of absolutely stunningly brilliant model stock, so please check it out!

Asked my friend what they would name a Photoshop magazine if they had one, and they said The Digital Brush, so here it is!

Model: ~Katanaz-Stock - [link]
Beautiful Flowers Brushes: ~coolwing - [link]
Marker Brush: *crazykira-resources - [link] [link]
Splatter Brush: [link]
Watercolor Splatter Brush: [link]
Celestial Texture: ~dastardly-icons - [link]
Textures: [link]
Grass Brush: =charfade - [link]

There we go.
I should probably also add a standard disclaimer that the text is sharpened because I sharpened after merging. I'm never going to be able to stop the temptation of the sharpen button.
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what font is the word brush?
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Hi, I was going through my font library, and if you're still interested, I've found the font I used:

It's called Fountain Pen Frenzy. :D
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Oops, wait, sorry, that's not it. I thought it was; looked like it. Well, if you need an alternative, then! :P
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Hm, I did this quite some time back, so I'm afraid I can't remember. D: Sorry!
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hay plz help me out
tell me how can downlod this brush?
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Which brush? I used several here. Visited the credit links in my artist's comments for whichever brush you want, and you'll find them there. (:
ClefairyKid's avatar
I recognized *Katanaz-Stock's stock model! ^-^
I have that one saved for future projects : ]
Lokiev's avatar
They have the most brilliant stocks. x-x
I think if I needed a stock model, I visit them, and *mjranum-stock the most.
ClefairyKid's avatar
Hmm yes! I agree those two are of the highest quality I have seen, although some of my oteher favourite stock providers include; #resurgere and *GlamourousAcid-Stock
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*faestock and =night-fate-stock are another two of mine too.
I remember #resurgere. Although I think I've only used one stock of theirs.
ClefairyKid's avatar
I was going to suggest night fate stock, I only recently discovered and defintely want to use some of that stock : ]

Speaking of which, I noticed one of youre deviations was a contest entry for digital challenges, it looked fun so I joined the group and made an entry XD haha I feel bad for how quickly I made it, like it won't be very good, but sometimes things are quicker than others...If I can get it to upload sometime today, then I will show you : ]

Dunno what level to submit under though : o Perhaps level 3? I feel I would be a 4 if I were a little better/more patient in cutting things out XD
Lokiev's avatar
I think hers was the first stock I came across. I use her stock in scary abundance, I think. x-x

Haha, sure! I'd love to see what you came up with, really.
I feel like I do things faster than a lot of people (I really use a lot of shortcuts and end up with funny looking work), so yeah. :P

I just submitted it in Level 4 because I mainly don't mind. xD
ClefairyKid's avatar
I use glamourousacid stock several times a day D: i feel bad for her getting note spam from me XD
Lokiev's avatar
I spam the grass and ground stock. And the cracks. They might have gotten pissed or very delighted. Either way. :P
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I love what you did with the model :love:
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This is very intense and complex. It took me a few minutes to take it all in. I am especially drawn to the the duplication rendering behind the main model. Obviously, the text is meaningless to me. However, the ink is intense.
Lokiev's avatar
Haha, yeah, the text is just filler text. (:
bardoze's avatar
Really Nice work! Love it.
Lokiev's avatar
Thank you, glad you like it!
KatchuuH's avatar
Super cool! I love it. :D
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