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Welcome to Loki Supporters!

Welcome all to Loki-supporters, where we are here to show our support and love for the Marvel villain Loki! All Loki lovers will be accepted as members, but please:


No hating or bashing other members or artwork!
Treat others with the same respect you wish to receive
and we'll all get along famously :)


We do allow other Thor and Avengers characters besides Loki in the gallery,
but we are primarily a Loki fan group!
We also allow crossover fan art!
But please submit work that you made yourself to gallery!
Maintain deviantArt's policy concerning copyrighted work:
So no screenshots or gifs straight from the films
or found imagery of Loki/Tom Hiddleston
whatsoever - edited or not - art thieving,
or anything of the like
It's perfectly fine to reference images
or draw from a screenshot
Just don't steal imagery that belongs to other makers
If you submit something like this to the gallery it
will be removed
We care about our members
and don't want them getting in trouble with devArt
Just because someone else is doing it doesn't make it right
Would you like for someone to use your work without
permission and claim it or use it for their own?
So long as you made the work yourself from scratch,
you're good :)

We hope you enjoy your time here
and spread your love of Loki :heart:

Gallery Folders

Bolin is not impressed. by AnaxErik4ever
Tom Hiddleston by AnnikeAndrews
Tales for Sleipnir by jen-and-kris
The trickster by Szikee
Traditional Art
Loki (drawing) by Quelchii
TWHiddles|Practice| by Shadow-Turtle-234
Loki animatic Frm21 by JEBurton
Thorki Answering Stupid Questions eng by Rabies-Lyssavirus
Digital Art
Finger Horns by CaptainKPeanuts
disbelief by dystomen
LOKI|Moki by Shadow-Turtle-234
Loki/poster redraw by ktrew
NerdPics - Chibi Loki and Bucky by GiuliaStregatta
Jotun Loki GIF by Lykusio
Tom Hiddleston by Xenesthis741
Avengers Infinity War - Loki and Thor GIF by Lykusio
The Avengers vs. The Swear JarThe Adventures of Aunt Darcy and Uncle LokiThe Avengers vs. The Swear JarSummary: The Avengers end up with a swear jar in the Tower.On the Subject of Canon: Im aware that the head writers have made a decision, but given that it was a stupid ass decision Ive elected to ignore it. for the Lawyers: I own nothing.&%&%&%Jane and Thor huddled eagerly around their daughter as she began to sound out a word. "D...d... da...""She said 'da'!" Thor said.His hopes were quickly dashed as Hal said eagerly, "DAMN!"Jane and Thor blinked before shouting at the same time. "LOKI!!!"When the God of Mischief (wisely) did not appear, the two parents and their child made their way to Loki's room. Finding the place empty, they went to their second suspect and possible co-conspirator to the "GIVING JANE AND THOR GREY HAIR" plot. "DARCY HADDASAH LEWIS, DID YOU TEACH MY DAUGHTER TO SWEAR?" Jane said as she stormed in.Darcy looked up weakly from the couch, where she had fallen asleep on-top of her study materials. "What?""Somebody taught Hal how to swear. We're rounding up the usual suspects," Jane said."DAMN!" Hal said helpfully.Darcy blinked a few times. "Leggings and messy bun day. I am not part of any evil plans. You should ask the resident supervillain." "Loki has gone into hiding," Thor said darkly."Can you blame me?" Darcy's messy bun said in Loki's voice.Thor seemed unphased by this while Jane gaped. The elder Odinson said, "Brother, reveal yourself."A tiny garter snake stuck its head out of Darcy's hair. "There are many things you can say about me, but I have been trying to teach my niece how to say her favorite uncle's name, not the use expletives.""I actually agree with Mischief on that. He's gotten kind of competitive about it with some of the other Avengers," Darcy said."I personally am quite offended that my rightful place as Hal's first word has been supplanted by an expletive," Loki said.Jane gently untangled Loki out of Darcy's hair. She sighed as Loki gave his most adorable snake face he could. "...Okay. I don't think you did it."Loki gave a content hiss before changing back into use usual form. "Thank you.""Do you know who would do it?" Jane said."Well, we do work with a group of immature reprobates and you do have the God of Lies, Chaos and Mischief on your side... on one condition.""Maybe..." Jane said warily."Can I cause bodily harm? I would really like to cause bodily harm," Loki said with glee."No, Loki," the three other adults said at the same time."Nothing major...""No, Loki!""Just a few bumps and bruises...""NO, LOKI!"Hal gleefully interjected, "Damn!"&%&%&%Bruce, Clint, Natasha, Steve, and Tony were determined to be the most likely culprits and were thus gathered together. Loki refused to identify the culprit as he could not cause bodily harm. He did offer a deerstalker and magnifying glass to Jane and a bowler hat to Thor. "Huzzah! Dr. Watson is an honorable, courageous man!" Thor said as he put on the hat."I really should have predicted that," Jane said as she rolled her eyes and put on the hat, because hey, why not?"Is there a reason we have been invited to your cosplay event?" Tony said."Damn!" Hal said which set off a fit of giggles from Earth's so-called Mightiest Heroes."We are gathered here today because someone has been teaching Hal to swear," Jane said."And it wasn't us," Darcy and Loki said at the same time."So, that leaves the scientist, the mechanic, the archer, the spy, and the soldier as the culprits," Jane said."Do you really think I would do something so mean?" Bruce said.Tony scoffed. "You are mean, but in a nice way. Anyway, it wasn't me. I know Pepper would make sure JARVIS made all my movies G-Rated from now on.""I may cuss up a storm, but I know how to act around kids," Clint said, "Also, does anyone else want some tacos? I could go for some tacos.""I would have taught her how to curse in Russian," Natasha said.Steve sighed. "Seriously, guys, don't make this worse. I am very disappointed in whoever did this. You should be ashamed."Jane looked at Thor. She tilted her head slightly towards who she thought the culprit was and Thor nodded in agreement."Yeah, we know it was you Steve," Jane said.Rogers looked aghast. "I would never! I'm Captain America.""You were pulling your Captain America act. You always pull the Captain America act when you're trying to hide something," Jane said.Steve giggled. Yes, Captain America, puncher of Nazis, Avenger, and Defender of Earth, giggled. "Holy shit. I didn't think the prank would work for months. I'm so sorry. I thought she would be a full toddler before she learned to swear.""That leaves the question of why," Jane said.Steve was too far gone in his giggle fit to answer. Thor said, "Loki, you can spar him..." Loki gleefully pulled out a dagger."BUT NO KILLING OR MAIMING!" Loki frowned and put away his dagger. He pulled Steve up to his feet and dragged him down to the gym. "Come on. I've been feeling the need to murder someone!""NO KILLING!" Everyone said.&%&%&%After that, the Avengers instituted a swear jar as a symbolic gesture. The money funded ice cream trips for the children of the Avengers.Steve was the biggest contributor to the swear jar.&%&%&%A/N: This was written out of frustration of my students incessant swearing.I couldn't say my own name clearly and consistently until I was six due to a speech impediment. However, I could say "DAMN IT!" by 18 months. My sister and I also knew all the words to "Highway to Hell" by AC/DC by the latest the age of four. This is the same household at which we couldn't say "crap", "stupid", or "shut up". Moral of the Story: Your kids are going to learn to swear very quickly no matter what you do.

Mature Content

Mature Content

SHOP! Thorki [Sticker] by MeteorBladeV3
SHOP! Thorki [Charm] by MeteorBladeV3
Loki (polymer clay figure) FOR SALE by wayleri
Burdened With Glorious Purpose - Loki Inspired by thingamajik
Mischief  by icecreammachinebroke
Loki Cosplay  by icecreammachinebroke
Loki Russian Cosplay by Rabies-Lyssavirus
Loki - Forest by MacabreMenagerie
Loki Figure. Hasbro Toys by Rabies-Lyssavirus
Thor Figure. Hasbro Toys by Rabies-Lyssavirus
Thor and Loki Figure. Hasbro Toys by Rabies-Lyssavirus
Loki Figure. Hasbro Toys 01 by Rabies-Lyssavirus
Tom Hiddleston
Tom Hiddleston - Graphite Portrait by Tanjadrawings
Awww Baby Yoda by AviHistten
Tom Hiddleston - Betrayal by Tanjadrawings
TomACE by CaptainKPeanuts
Other Thor and Avengers Characters
Winter Soldier by ktrew
Birthday Hug|MCU by Shadow-Turtle-234
Side By Side We Will End This Fight by Keshyx
Thor Splatter by colinmooredraws
Comics and Memes
Frostiron, comic, page 24 by ktrew
Term#8 - January 2021 by ktrew
Mature Content
What Works Best Against Insomnia by Keshyx
Icon Design Contest August 2012
Loki Supporters icon idea by DazzledByNorrington


Loki in Prison 3 by Quelchii Loki in Prison 3 :iconquelchii:Quelchii 717 178 Art trade with Sandahl by Epselion Art trade with Sandahl :iconepselion:Epselion 109 30 we're not gods... only brothers by GodWitch we're not gods... only brothers :icongodwitch:GodWitch 310 14 I remember a shadow, brother. I still do. by FahrSindram I remember a shadow, brother. I still do. :iconfahrsindram:FahrSindram 682 62 I craft what I want, Thor! by Starlit-Sorceress I craft what I want, Thor! :iconstarlit-sorceress:Starlit-Sorceress 119 22 Ear cuff LOKI by NessaSilverwolf Ear cuff LOKI :iconnessasilverwolf:NessaSilverwolf 164 46 Commission: Loki 2 by Yuki87 Commission: Loki 2 :iconyuki87:Yuki87 116 49 Loki, Trapped by JenniferMunswami Loki, Trapped :iconjennifermunswami:JenniferMunswami 202 58 Loki'd moment by M-Asami-the-szilf Loki'd moment :iconm-asami-the-szilf:M-Asami-the-szilf 75 27 Loki (Thor) by VeronikaDark Loki (Thor) :iconveronikadark:VeronikaDark 92 13 Loki (The Avengers) by VeronikaDark Loki (The Avengers) :iconveronikadark:VeronikaDark 139 5 Loki and Sigyn by mappeli Loki and Sigyn :iconmappeli:mappeli 286 40 Loki by shark-bomb Loki :iconshark-bomb:shark-bomb 56 29 Tom Hiddleston by RoofusCreatures Tom Hiddleston :iconroofuscreatures:RoofusCreatures 114 14 Loki mouse by meli Loki mouse :iconmeli:meli 476 94 Evil grin turns into blue Lights by Tallinlevai Evil grin turns into blue Lights :icontallinlevai:Tallinlevai 54 13


Loki in Prison 3 by Quelchii
Art trade with Sandahl by Epselion
we're not gods... only brothers by GodWitch
I remember a shadow, brother. I still do. by FahrSindram
Traditional Art
Loki TV series poster by TLDesignn
Loki/Lady Loki by LadyKraken
Loki/Ariel - We do what we want by LadyKraken
Loki by Meep--Merp
Digital Art
Cosmic Cube by hehthar
Lokian AU - Journey to Jotenhiem by cartoon-freak05
Lokian 2 by cartoon-freak05
Lokian 1 by cartoon-freak05
Kneel by MahhPiovesan
Beckoning Mischief by Kittyotic
10 ways of Flirting with Tom Hiddleston meme by My-Len
Loki Title Card by JEBurton
The Darkness Within us all 1 by TheNewFireDancer
Loki ponies by Evilunicorn97
Loki pony G3 by Evilunicorn97
Loki repaint by Evilunicorn97
Loki repaint (redo) by Evilunicorn97
Art mailing reply: Tom Hiddleston #1 by 77tiger77
LOKI Hammer of the gods by FahrSindram
Loki Cosplay: Portrait sitting by FahrSindram
LOKI: I told you before I was an epitaph by FahrSindram
Loki - Not A Witch by KRRouse
SHAME: all the single horses by FahrSindram
Lady of Mirule and Tom Hiddleston by LadyofMisrule
Fraternal affection by GodWitch
Tom Hiddleston
The Avengers - He's real by maXKennedy
Tom Hiddleston by DiRoshRamovski
Mr. Tom Hiddleston by kittykatz13
Arrrrr Tom ^^ by DiRoshRamovski
Other Thor and Avengers Characters
Queen by galenaBY
Wife of Mischief by SchwarzblutSterne
Hillanova by VideaVice
Thor in The Avengers by Sallysammy
Mature Content

Mature Content


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princess-sweetflower Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2019  Hobbyist Writer

I would dearly love to do an Avengers Role~Play with someone~!

My oc will be Serena and she will be a child that one of the Avengers team's finds as an orphan on the street's. and she will be raised by Loki.

My OOC Serena will be an adult about the same age as clint's but a little younger. But this time she will be new to the team for she will fall in love with clint and him, and he will fall in love with her. 

Serena falls in love with Loki and he falls in love with her, and he joins the Avengers,

My oc will fall in love with Clint Barton and she him. and yes she will be joining the Avenger's team as well. or she can be a child that one of the team's find, you choose.

or clint finds Serena as a child and raises her.

In all of them, I would want Loki to join the Avengers team cause I think he would be a great addition to the team. 

The chose is up to you.

1. I do story mode 

example "I love your outfit." Lizzy said

2. just have fun

3. take turns with the characters all of them I'm okay with not sharing your oc if you don't want to share them, I'm fine with that. 

4. I'm okay if you don't want to roleplay as my oc Serena cause you feel it just isn't right. I'm also okay with it

5. I would dearly love to do it throw notes or google doc's, so send me a note or comment down below if you want to start a Role-Play together.

6. I want someone long term as well, and don't be afraid to tell me if you want to stop and take a break or just stop it altogether, I will not get mad at all trust me on that one.

7. You can also take your time getting back to me as well, but I do want to know that you are still into doing the roleplay once in a while cause; I had a lot of people not getting back to me at all when I ask if they are still interested in roleplaying with me at all.

8. You are allowed to add your own OC so you don't have to ask me if you can. I am fine that you do. in fact, I encourage it, the oc's the more fun it will be.
9. I can do mature parts and other stuff like that, but if someone isn't comfortable with that I'm okay with not doing it. 
skylife248 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2020
Hey! Can I Roleplay with you?
princess-sweetflower Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2020  Hobbyist Writer
I would love that!
PinkDiamondatHeart Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2018  Student Digital Artist
hi may i join your group
Loki'd La  
Long-lost-sister Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2017
{Ooc; Anyone interested in rping as Loki for me?}
skylife248 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2020
Yeh, sure! Just write to me!
Yoitefriend Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Can someone please add me to this group or tell me how to get to the join this group button because I am driving myself nuts trying to find it.
DestinyLovesShiva Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I rp using Loki a lot, mostly through notes.
TheElite-Loki Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2015  Student Filmographer
How do I Jon?
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Just click on the "Become a member" button.  I'm one of the moderators for this club, so say I sent you.
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