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Hey, anybody there? :wave: Is this group still active? 
hey everyone : ))) im new to DA today so nice to meet you all   : )
Hi may I join your group 
Loki'd La 
Hey everyone! I just got accepted in this large group and I'm noticing it's not very active anymore. It's really sad to see so many talented people and incredible fan arts here but barely any activity or recent deviation. So I'm thinking that maybe we should try and make this group active again because you are all incredibly talented in your own way and everybody here deserves more recognition and visibility. C'mon we are Loki's army (and Tom's too), let's revive this group!
I just visited this group for the first time in years, and I just want to say: Your comment has inspired me to log back into my account, to help revive it. This was my family back when I founded this group. It has always meant a lot to me. I’m busy with life now, but I promise you guys— I’m going to dedicate time every day to bring us back to the life we deserve! 
OMG I'm so glad you decided to come back! I'm so looking forward to see this account back at it and active again!! :D