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Gallery Folders

LOK Clan Portrait 2013 by impia-dea
LoKClan Portrait 2012 by Herisheft
LoK Clan portrait 2011 by Herisheft
LoK Portrait 2010 by Herisheft
At My Whim by KainTheVampireLord
Prophecy by LauraPanico1987
The Dark Entity by JLazarusEB
Balance Guardians by KainTheVampireLord
Inktober 01(late): Raziel, Redeemer and Destroyer. by MorcegoCinzentoArts
Raziel by theSAMMIE
Soul Omen by OneAboveHell
Vampire Raziel - Snarl by TheHylden
Janos Audron
Janos Audron by JLazarusEB
Janos Cartoon by VegaNya
Janos Audron(Redraw). by Sverdy
janos audron by TenSkies
Sarafan Melchiah by JLazarusEB
Melchahim by GessenG-Regina
Melchiah the Vampire by JLazarusEB
Day 227: Evolved Melchiah by Jadenyte
Sarafan Zephon by JLazarusEB
Zephon - Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver by FabricioWorks
Smiling Zephon by Lo-Lita96
Zephon the Vampire by JLazarusEB
Sarafan Rahab by JLazarusEB
Rahab by NoxiousWyvern
Rahab the Vampire by JLazarusEB
Rahab Legacy of Kain by VegaNya
Sarafan Dumah by JLazarusEB
Soul Reaver - Legacy of Kain |  Dumah by NotoriousNoire
Dumah the Vampire by JLazarusEB
Dumah Legacy of Kain by VegaNya
Sarafan Turel by JLazarusEB
Turel the Vampire by JLazarusEB
Turel by Lo-Lita96
Legacy of Kain - Dweller of the Sacrificial Pit by Jadenyte
Kain and Mortanius by OneAboveHell

Mature Content

Hylden Lord Apostate by TheHylden
24 Ally by LauraPanico1987
Interrogation | Blood Omen 2 by NotoriousNoire
Umah and Vorador
Welcome to Meridian by PaleVirus
Misfortune by LauraPanico1987
The Builder (Blood Omen 2) by JLazarusEB
Traitor Vampires
Sebastian the Vampire by JLazarusEB
Malek and Other characters
Sarafan Guard (Blood Omen 2) by JLazarusEB
OC - Fan characters and Fan Fiction
Warrior of Stahlberg by OneAboveHell
Blood Omen anniversary by Dark-thief
Crossover and humor
LoK: Sarafan knights, 45 by Ayej
Great Southern Lake by PaleVirus
Costumes, toys,craft and other
Raziel Sticker pack by OneAboveHell
LoK Portrait
LoK Clan Portrait 2016 by LoKIMOOn1000
Community Projects
LoK Reboot Concept: Young Moebius COLOR by LoKIMOOn1000
Kain you must defeat the Nemesis by OneAboveHell
Sketches, doodles, scribbles and WIPs.
Raziel Sketch by morqque

Random from Featured

Raziel in his Vampire form by PeaceKoi Raziel in his Vampire form :iconpeacekoi:PeaceKoi 6 9 Raziel's Scarf by PeaceKoi Raziel's Scarf :iconpeacekoi:PeaceKoi 53 59 THE 1st RAZIEL by chocolisis THE 1st RAZIEL :iconchocolisis:chocolisis 0 0 Raziel costume1 by Prymaster Raziel costume1 :iconprymaster:Prymaster 39 43 Raziel by nightgallon Raziel :iconnightgallon:nightgallon 168 31 kain is deified by Infernauta kain is deified :iconinfernauta:Infernauta 852 316 Melchiah by Tetsugem28 Melchiah :icontetsugem28:Tetsugem28 48 16 On Vampire Culture - v2 by What-the-Gaff On Vampire Culture - v2 :iconwhat-the-gaff:What-the-Gaff 581 310 winged raziel by frostious by legacyofkainclan winged raziel by frostious :iconlegacyofkainclan:legacyofkainclan 90 32 My second Kain gif by KainTheGreatVampire My second Kain gif :iconkainthegreatvampire:KainTheGreatVampire 21 11 Chibi Kain sneakin around by Bowie-Spawan Chibi Kain sneakin around :iconbowie-spawan:Bowie-Spawan 55 75 Kain and...Kain o.O by Bowie-Spawan Kain and...Kain o.O :iconbowie-spawan:Bowie-Spawan 180 79 Kain by singham-wilk Kain :iconsingham-wilk:singham-wilk 58 62 Raziel by Reenave Raziel :iconreenave:Reenave 1 2 Two generations by KainTheVampireLord Two generations :iconkainthevampirelord:KainTheVampireLord 115 70


:bulletred:LoK Portrait 2016

LoK Clan family portrait 2016.
*Draw a picture as you see yourself in Nosgoth
*Draw your LoK fanfic character.

For reference please look here:…

I guess that 30 of May sounds good as a deadline, hmm? Good.

Some simple rules to remember:

:bulletpurple: Contribute family images into this folder:…
This way, we will avoid the unnecesary mess.

:bulletpurple: Please keep in mind this is going to be put together as if it were a photograph. We are a family here so this is our “family photo” so to speak. ^^;
:bulletpurple: Don't make it like the camera is above the character or somwhere on feet level. Just the plain frontal view, please.
:bulletpurple: Please keep the background plain white, that way the images can be edited and put together fairly easily. It’s really difficult to put images together if they all have wildly different backgrounds...or you can save and send a picture as PNG with transparent background, that would make them even easier to place on the final picture.
:bulletpurple: Maximum height of an artwork shouldn't go over 2000px Otherwise we will resize the image to that size.
:bulletpurple: And also, the image must be a full body image(that includes feets too), please, otherwise it just wont look right. You don’t have to be standing either, but please keep the “family photo” format when drawing yourself. Ok? That also includes any other body part hands, wings, etc. Don't cut them with the document's edge.
:bulletpurple:Try to avoid modern clothes and props, and keep a picture in cliamte of the game.
:bulletpurple: Nudity is not prohibited. ;) (Though let it be tastefull)
:bulletpurple: Try to keep your work clean of dirts, smudges, etc.
:bulletpurple: Try to avoid putting on signatures.
:bulletpurple: One submission for one member. (unless you are drawing for somebody else too)
:bulletpurple: OC's only!
:bulletpurple: Finished and coloured work ONLY!

Here, example of properly looking……
(sorry for that to all if this looks like advertisment, i just took the first one in the row that meets requirments)

Remember, this is not a contest, each and every submission is going to be placed on the final work.
I think that's everything, if anyone else has any questions please note us so we can get back to you with an answer. Thank you.


Group Info

Fanclub for Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen, Soul Reaver and Defiance enthusiasts.

Vampire sparkling is prohibited.
Founded 15 Years ago
Sep 14, 2004


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Fan Club

895 Members
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:skull:Welcome to The Legacy of Kain fan group :skull:
Please scroll down for rules and info.


:bulletpurple: Greetings dark wanderers, and welcome to the Legacy of Kain Clan, a place created for those who desire to express their hidden Nosgothic side.

This clan is a sanctuary for those who have already embraced the darker side of their nature, some call them creatures of the night, but they are more commonly known as - Vampires. We also provide a haven for others who may require our protection or some shelter, be they vampire or... something else entirely.

If you would like to be embraced as a member of the Clan, please press the "join" button on the top of the page

Check bottom of the page to see how to place our icon ito your journal.

:bulletpurple: If you are having any trouble or don't understand something be sure to contact one of the Clan Elders, via note to this gallery, or note the Elders directly.

:bulletred:RULES:bulletred: <----Read the rules before applying for membership.


:bulletred: GAME CHARACTER FOLDERS As the word says. Everything that shows characters and scenes FROM THE GAMES. Serious alternate versions of characters and redesigns find their place here. Things that contain company of OC's go to the OC and Fanfic folder. Chibies and deforms go to HUMOR folder. Sketches, doodles and everything that isn't finished or dosen't look finished etc. goes to SKETCHES.

:bulletred: GROUP Canonic characters posing, interacting or in any other way portrayed with other canonic charas, in serious manner go here.

(Characters depicted with ELDER GOD go to their respectful folders)

:bulletred: MALEK AND OTHER CHARACTERS As it says, drop here poor Malek and any other character that doesn't have cathegory like random humans, vampires, demons and etc.

:bulletred: OTHER This is a folder for anything taht does not fit character cathegory such as landscapes, symbols, props etc.

:bulletred: OC-FAN CHARACTERS and FANFIC Portraits and arts of your fan characters alone, with other OCs created by you, or in company of CANONIC characters.

:bulletred:HUMOR&CROSSOVER A place for where humour resides. Send here parodies, jokes, crossovers, chibies, funny comics and comic strips etc.

:bulletred:COMICS Place for SERIOUS comics. Parodies, comedys, joke strips etc. go to Funny section.

:bulletred:FIC&STORY Place for any literature pieces, even funny ones.

:bulletred:MEME We store LoK memes here.

:bulletred:COSTUMES,TOYS,CRAFT Tattos, body paintings,jewellry, cosplay (either of a LoK character of FanFic character) go here. Plushies, sculptures, jewellery and any other craft work should go here here as well.

:bulletred:SKETCHES, DOODLES, LINEARTS AND UNFINISHED Just what is says, sketches, doodles, linearts and everything that isn't a finished art piece. Things on lined paper will end up here as well, so as poor quality photos/scans. (even if something is a finished piece, we expect you to put an effort and give us quality) Shaded pencil works are not considered as sketch.

:bulletred:LoK PORTRAIT this is for our annual every year's "LoK Portrait meme". don't send anything here untill we say you can :)



Firts of all, I want to apologize for my absence... yadda yadda life's issues. and thank all the admins that took care of the group when I was gone. :love:
I ain't going to bore anybody with my life's story, so let's just jump right into it. I was thinking and looking at our gallery, and tought it might use a bit of changes since some of the folders were a bit confusing...what the hell I was thinking? I don't know :) So, I sat down and made a bit of a moving around to create (hopefully)less confusing setup. The biggest change you propably see first, is that we no longer have FANART and FINISHED SKETCHES AND LINEART folder and instead of that each important character or group of characters recieved their own folder(Vampire lieutenants are in order of appearence in SR), and this is where those works went. It was of course a bit difficult to shuffle all around between old and new submissions, but I tried to keep the proper order. If they are  messed up somewhere, I am sorry about it :) I also merged our humor folders because that's where the biggest confusion was, and all those submissions are to make us laugh or at least grin at them, so yeah.

I provided new guidelines on our front page for clarity, if you have any questions about them, just ask.

And, before somebody asks why good old Elder God, does not have his own folder and instead of that he goes to a character folder with whom he is depicted... Well, he is important entity but not popular enough to be drawn that often, and that way it feels like he recieves a proper credit, i guess.

I hope everybody is well and didn't lost their love for Kain and the gang or for this group :) Have a prosperous and artistic year :shakefish:

Legacy of Kain

Sites and links
:bulletred:Blood Omnicide
:bulletred:LoK Wiki
:bulletred:The lost worlds
:bulletred:Dark chronicle
:bulletred:Nosgotic Realm
:bulletred:LoK Original character discussion
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JLazarusEB Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2018  Student Digital Artist
I've been drawing every character in every Legacy of Kain game.  Even the minor ones like Elzevir the Dollmaker and Bane the Druid.  I pump out one character every few days.
   Elzevir the Dollmaker by JLazarusEB   Bane the Druid by JLazarusEB
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Hello)Sorry for spam,but its important,I think.
Here created a group about Nosgoth online:
Now in the world have home for yours atr's about this game.
I would be glad of any help, advice for this group)
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