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Transmutation circle

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As the tittle says, this is (supposed to be) a transmutation circle.
It took me not even 20 minutes to draw, but hell, I spent HOURS cleaning it >__<,
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hi are you active here? ca you send me higher resolution.. thanks.....


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Hey there! I really liked your transmutation circle! Can you please send me a high resolution copy of this? I hope you Consider doing so.
Here is my Email: GGpowervalve@gmail.com

Please send me :) Would Really appreciate that. Thank you :) 
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Are you still active here :?
I would like to get premission to make an tattoo out of this :)
It would be great if you could also maybe send a higher res picture :3
Sent to: its_meh@live.nl

Thank you verry much in advance
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LokaianHobbyist General Artist
yes I'm still active (sort of ). I'll send you that right away :)
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Would you mind if I used this in a Halloween costume?
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LokaianHobbyist General Artist
I don't mind at all ^^ feel free to use it (and to send a picture of the costume! :p)
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angeloftheprairieHobbyist General Artist
I love this sketch. It really, truly is one of my very favorites!
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ForeverLangsyneHobbyist Writer
I really like this picture, I was wondering if you could email me a higher resolution picture with a bit about it?


sorry, if I bother you about it.

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could you send me a higher res shot? i really like it by the way send to Thanatos6669@yahoo.com
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would you mind me putting this on a skateboard for a once off?
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Oh ! Ooh ! C'est beau ça ! Et ça parle vachement plus que dans le chapitre (Désolée ^^). Ouh, vraiment très joli. C'est une vraie saloperie, je sais bien, mais c'est vachement beau.
Je suis impressionnée par la complexité du truc. Wow.
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replicator13Hobbyist Artist
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hi.,i really amazed when i so dis.,can you give me a higher resolution??.,i really appreciate your work.,

plz send me higher resolution.,

send to:varlden_0614@yahoo.com

thank u.,
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Hi! I was curious if I could get permission for tattoo and a higher resolution. Thanks! Also, did you draw this one with a certain thought in mind or were you just making a design? Send to:

Thank you! :)
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I just saw the download option on the page, so I guess that's one less thing. Just want to make sure it's still okay to use the image. Thanks! :)
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LokaianHobbyist General Artist
Yes of course you can ^^
If you still need a higher resolution (such as a 2000px wide pic) I can send it to you, no problem.

It's a research sketch for a fan fiction I'm working on. This circle is used to render ineffective every transmutation activated nearby so the lines are kind of drawn in a way that every power surge would come back to the center of the circle over and over until the alchemical energy dies. ^^
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Please also send it to me at GGpowervalve@gmail.com

Thank you :)
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When I first saw it I was thinking it would be really ineffective, but then with this explanation the design suddenly makes a lot more sense, lol. 
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Dwarf-In-The-FlaskHobbyist Traditional Artist
is it your design?
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LokaianHobbyist General Artist
You mean if I invented it myself?
Yes ^^
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Dwarf-In-The-FlaskHobbyist Traditional Artist
cool argh i need to make a really good one like yours >.< ive only watched brotherhood though so i need to watch the first fma too :b
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Man that must be hella hard to draw.
Srry 4 the gay reference to hella it was just the first thing that popped into my head
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LokaianHobbyist General Artist
That was fun actually ^^ it gave me the occasion to use a compass for something else than mathematics (I'm not sure you'll understand something, because he speaks quite fast but, anytime I hear the word compass ('compa' in french) I see his face... [link] (around 1min of the video) so it was fun drawing with that in mind ^^)

Well, if you hadn't told me there was a gay reference here, I wouldn't have known there was one... =D no problem though

Thanks for the comment !
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Thanks so very much!

I love FMA!

More... i dont remember the significat this?
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