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Takumy Hair V1.0

By Lokai2000
Ok, it's finally here.

Let's call this version 1.0 of the Takumy hair model. This model is for Poser 5, 6, or 7. I won't call it perfect, but until people get to play with it, I won't know where to improve it.

This is the first real project I ever tackled using wings3d. Here are a couple of scenes rendered with the hair model.


Click on download to get the .zip file.
© 2007 - 2021 Lokai2000
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Years later, perhaps, but I've used the Takumy hair in an experimental piece rendered in Iray from Daz. Thank you so much for making it available!
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Nice Hair, thanks.
an49's avatar
Great Work , thanks a lot.
it looks great on an Aiko 3 figure
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It already looks good. Can you also make a version without these long bangs near the forehead that frame the face please? Lowering the fringe is also an idea.
Tramp-Graphics's avatar
Interesting hair. What figure is it designed for?
radpreacher's avatar
Very nice thanks for sharing it
Phoenixdrache's avatar
Thank you very much for sharing!:)
UweG's avatar
Very nice hair...thank you. :)
IncyVortex's avatar
I am so gonna use this! thank you so much for creating and sharing :)
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Just found this, and it looks great! Thanks!
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Welcome to Resources Week for ^projecteducate! This 3D resource has been chosen for this feature to very basically explain what 3D resources are. We hope that you will join in the fun of resources week at #StockandResources.
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Nice work. Is it morphable?
LeAKyGrAPHics's avatar
Looks great, thank you.
KymsCave-Stock's avatar
Looks great can't have enough hair..thank you so much :wave:
healthyinsanity's avatar
I'd been gone from DeviantArt for two years and I was searching around for free hair and here you are again. (You may or may not remember me) Thanks for the hair can't wait to twy it out!
RaeyenIrael-Stock's avatar
This has been featured in the news article Exploring Stock & Resources: 3D Models
Keep up the good work :dalove:
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Lovely work on the hair!
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Wow, hadn't seen this before. Great job!
shlomit's avatar
i am new to poser
i hope its feet to poser
i am downloading it now
JimForsyth's avatar
Awesome!definitely using
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