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A3 Viera Foot Morph

By Lokai2000
Yes... you read the title correctly.

I have decided to make the foot morphs from my Viera pieces public. Maybe people can use these to go make their own and quit bugging me about making them. :)

My apologies, but I am not an expert on making pose files. If you are going to use these, they are provided as is. I did not create a full body morph. Each foot and toe will have to be selected and set the morphs individually.

These morphs should work in poser 6 or poser 7. (Sorry everyone, they are being distributed as a pmd file....)

This morph does not contain the additional requirements of stretching Aiko's body and adjusting Aiko's foot angles to something insane. Doing this creates an enormous amount of problems with working with the poser figure and I do *not* want to be answering 100's of questions about this. You will have to figure how to stretch the figure yourself. Sorry, that is just how it has to be.

As for the rest, setting the body morphs voluptuous and young to 0.5 with a head morph of realistic of 0.5 will get you pretty close.

I would ask that if you use the morphs to give me some credit, but I know how that will go.... :)
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Thank you for this! I hope I can get it to work.
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Gee willikers, this is four years old and I never saw it before? O.O :D
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I really do need to get back into this stuff, but 3D printing has taken over my life.  :)
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Well I am sure all of your fans would love to see anything new from you. :)

And I have to wonder if this morph will work in DAZ. I am guessing you have no idea though.
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Oh! never mind it's workng now.
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I think your link is broken, I can't Download Morph. A pity.
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Wow...Y'know, I don't think I'd ever use that...but it's cool just the same. The geometry looks pretty clean. (Which may not mean much coming from a guy who barely passed 3D modeling classes in college...) I saw your Vein render, too. Looks like there aren't any major texturing issues people need to worry about, which can happen with a major morph change like this.

'Course, come to think of it, I never noticed Viera have only three toes...
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Will likely make use of this... thank you
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ZOMG THANKS! now i can make Fran clones! THOUSANDS OF THEM. my sole reason for playing that grind fest >_>
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