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This is a group for fans of the fantasy comic Legend of Krea: The Chosen of Penta and Shen by Isella Howler. We accept fan art and like to share our interest in the comic with others.

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Dec 8, 2014


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Below is a list of elements, TSB types, and the themes. ^^

Fire: Classified by the use of flames or heat energy
Lava: Classified by the use of extreme heat, melting almost anything, or the use of magma or lava
Light: Classified by the bending of colors, the use of light or healing abilities, or creating illusions
Lightning: Classified by the use of electricity or lightning or extreme reflex abilities
Grass: Classified by the use of plants or nature related abilities
Air: Classified by the use of wind or flight abilities
Water: Classified by the use of water or clouds
Ice: Classified by the ability to freeze surroundings or water, but unable to manipulate anything unfrozen
Darkness: Classified by the bending of darkness and shadows or cause illusions to an extent
Metal: Classified by the ability to pull, create, or manipulate metals or magnetic fields
Earth: Classified by the use of dirt, earth, or the ground, but not the plants
Space: Classified by the ability to manipulate your surroundings, shifting the known space, and creating portals
Time: Classified by the ability to manipulate the flow of time
Mystic: Classified by the ability to manipulate magic and mana itself, bending the elements (Except Space and Time) of the world as you see fit

Dragon: Classified by its large size, usually having wings and/or being able to fly, and dinosaur/dragon appearance
Aquatic: Classified by it having some form of fins or body perfect for swimming
Ghost: Classified by its body being see-through or looking undead, or sometimes by having a ghoulish appearance
Bird: Classified by its bird-like appearance, usually having a beak and wings
Insect: Classified by insect or bug-like appearance
Beast: Classified by not being in any of the other categories, a default category

    Heat - Heat themed fire types cannot manipulate the flames, but the hot energy from them and from others bodies. This includes either expanding the heat, raising the temperature, or stealing the heat from places. Heat types are usually hard to be around, but are generally the safest and less threatening of fire types.
    Flame - Flame themed fire types are the most common, they manipulate flames in small amounts, or sometimes can even start fires of their own.
    Fireball - Fireball themed fire types are also fairly common, they generate their own fire and cannot manipulate other fires around them. They can either shoot of the fire from their body or generate it in mid air.
    Flamethrower - Flamethrower fire types are one of the more dangerous fire types. Not only are they more resistant to fire themselves most of the time, but they can both generate and manipulate fires of their own. However, their fires always are in huge amounts, so they can never tone it down to safer amounts.
    Incinerate - Incinerate themed fire types are very rare, and are the most powerful fire types. They can generate mass amounts of heat which can then be turned into fire of in turn immense heat. They are also immune to heat themselves.

    Melt - Melt themed lava types are only dangerous at close distance, as they are unable to manipulate anything but can generate such immense heat they are nigh immune to flames and heat themselves. Their heat however is only self-generated, and can be either internal or external.
    Flow - Flow themed lava types can generate their own lava in small amounts at a close distance, but cannot maintain it for long. they are pretty common and are not as dangerous as others.
    Armor - Armor lava types can only generate lava close to themselves, meaning distance is good against them. They are also very common. Armor types can manipulate the lava around their body to flow or harden or melt again to shape their armor as they see fit, or stay as lava to protect against those sensitive to heat.
    Magma - Magma themed lava types are uncommon, and can generate their own lava from their body, or pull it up from the ground around them in large amounts.
    Eruption - Eruption themed lava types can generate massive amounts of lava around them that can splash and spread and be maintained for long periods of time.

    Glow - Glow themed light types can generate small amounts of light off their bodies. Generally very common and not at all dangerous.
    Bright - Bright light types can generate large amounts of light off themselves or strengthen the light of other lights. Generally not dangerous. they can also create small illusions and can sometimes change colors or see through items.
    Blind - Blind light types can generate mass amounts of light as they wish, creating large illusions, or even refracting light in ways nature could never do or see through objects.
    Heal - Heal themed light types can not only refract light and generate it, but can use the light to see through objects, or even create illusions in not only the physical but psychological worlds. They are usually categorized by their rare and innate ability to also heal minor wounds.
    Angel - Angel themed light types are an advanced heal type, being able to heal even the worst of wounds not only on one but multiple people, or even healing themselves while battling.

    Static - Static lightning types generate their own electricity from their body, not enough to give more than a small shock, but can keep it constant.
    Shock - Shock themed lightning types can generate quite a bit more than static types can, as well as can sometimes make the electricity leave their body.
    Charge - Charge themed lightning types can generate mass amounts of lightning of various amounts, charging it up around them or collecting it from their surroundings. They can send it out as a bolt if enough is generated, but usually takes them a bit of time to generate enough.
    Bolt - Bolt themed lightning types can generate a lot of electricity and send it out. They don't have to charge it, and can maintain it for long periods of time. Some even have enhanced reflexes.
    Electrocute - Electricute lightning types are rare, but can not only generate lots of electricity and lightning which they can maintain for a long period of time, but have enhanced reflexes as well as the ability to target specific locations or generate a mass amount of lightning in all directions.

    Seed - Seed grass types can only focus their abilities on one thing at a time, and usually something small such as helping a plant grow faster, manipulating something small, or even just simply feeling what something needs to be more healthy.
    Flower - Flower grass types can usually sometimes focus on a couple things at once, growing things at extended rates, or even manipulating vines or small trees around them.
    Fruit - Fruit themed grass types can not only do what flower types can, but usually can also manipulate other elements in the grass theme, and to a larger and faster extent.
    Nature - Nature themed grass types can feel the emotions and status of every plant around them, as well as manipulate them.
    Harmony - Harmony themed grass types have a very, very large range around them compared to the nature type, as well as can manipulate many at once.

    Wisp - Wisp air types can manipulate surrounding air but not generate their own.
    Fly - Fly themed air types can manipulate larger amounts of air around them as well as use that air to levitate themselves through the air.
    Breath - Breath themed air types can generate and manipulate the air around them in forceful and pinpoint amounts, flinging it out around them, however usually cannot fly with it like the fly types can.
    Tornado - Tornado air types are like breath types except usually they can use the air, which is usually a lot more massive in scale in both ability and range, to fly themselves and others through the air a lot faster than fly types.
    Storm - Storm air types have a much larger range than tornado types, and usually struggle more with control unlike tornado types for flying, but in return the force of their air is a lot stronger.

    Flow - Flow themed water types can manipulate surrounding water but not generate their own. They can usually only manipulate small amounts, and not a whole lot.
    Wave - Wave themed water types can manipulate larger amounts of water, or sometimes generate their own. Unlike flow types which can only manipulate water in natural ways, wave types can bend the water to their will more.
    Cloud - Cloud themed water types can manipulate even larger amounts of water as well as in more pinpoint amounts. They can manipulate rain or clouds too, or even sometimes create mist and fog. They can also usually generate their own too.
    Tsunami - Tsunami water types can generate and control massive amounts of water, however usually cannot use it in pinpoint amounts.
    Hurricane - Hurricane water types are like Tsunami types, however can also use the water in pinpoint amounts. They can also usually use the water to generate large winds, however cannot control the winds they generate.

    Cold - Cold themed ice types cannot manipulate ice or snow, but the energy from them and from others bodies. This includes lowering the temperature, or rather stealing the energy from places to make them colder.
    Freeze - Freeze themed ice types can not only steal the energy of their surroundings to make them cold, but can generate ice and snow around them as they whim, and even sometimes manipulate that which they've frozen. They are the most common of ice types.
    Icicle - Icicle ice types are usually resistant to the cold, and can generate mass amounts of ice out of thin air without changing the temperature of their surroundings.
    Avalanche - Avalanche ice types can generate very large mass amounts of ice and snow which they can manipulate around them in a large area, or sometimes even make it snow as well.
    Blizzard - Blizzard ice types can not only freeze things and make it snow, but can generate large amounts of ice and snow which they can move at whim in large areas. They can also generate high winds with their ice and snow, though cannot manipulate the wind itself.

    Dim - Dim themed dark types can make a place seem darker than it actually is, making it harder to see or sense things, but not by much.
    Shade - Shade dark types can generate large amounts of cloaking to snuff out some lights and can hide in the darkness to make their presence disappear. They can also sometimes create small illusions.
    Bind - Bind themed dark types can generate mass amounts of darkness as they wish, creating large illusions, or even using the shadows to traverse or materialize as they please.
    Shadow - Shadow themed dark types can not only generate shadows and manipulate them, but can use them to travel to other places, or even create illusions in not only the physical but psychological worlds. They are usually categorized by their rare and innate ability to also degrade, infect, and paralyze another.
    Demon - Demon themed dark types are an advanced shadow type, being able to degrade and paralyze multiple people at once, as well as manipulate them.

    Magnetic - Magnetic metal types cannot generate metal of their own but can bring it forth from other sources and bend it or use it to create magnetic fields with positive or negative values to attract or repel other metallic or magnetic items. However this is never large enough amount to do any serious damage...
    Weapon - Weapon themed metal types can bend and form metal from preexisting metals at will to create either armor or weapons for itself to use.
    Barrage - Barrage themed metal types are fairly uncommon, and can create metal from preexisting elements which they can form in any way they please. They can also tear apart existing metals as well as warp them.
    Telekinesis - Telekinesis metal types are very uncommon, being able to warp and manipulate not only large amount of metals but anything's magnetic fields as well. A very dangerous type to mess with.
    Berserker - Beserker themed metal types are the rarest of metal types, not only able to manipulate magnetic fields and any metal, but being able to change the quality of the metal or even strengthening fields making them more like invisible barriers they can use as shields to barrel through whatever they please.

    Dig - Dig themed earth types are generally harmless, but can dig through any layer of the earth, including metals.
    Rock - Rock earth types can manipulate rocks and stones and feel where things are in the ground.
    Crush - Crush themed earth types can feel their surroundings through the earth, or even sometimes instead feel anything happening under the ground. They can manipulate the earth in minor amounts to move to their will through the air or to rise.
    Landslide - Landslide themed earth types can move the earth all around them in mass amounts, or even multiple at once.
    Earthquake - Earthquake themed earth types can create and generate mass earthquakes and manipulate the earth around them. They can also feel anything or anyone walking or making the ground vibrate.

Space, Time, Mystic: They do not have any themes as they are unable to occur naturally.

Rare Fracture Type: Fracture, or fractured types, are rare types that can occur in every theme where the ability the TSB wields is different than usual. For example, an icicle ice type whose ice is black, or a rock earth type who can also manipulate precious stones. Vincent, Maria's brother, for example, is a fractured heat fire type. His TSB can create and manipulate smoke from its body instead of the usual heat.
Fun Fact:

Opirium got it's name from the words Opium and Imperial, which are two very nice words in my opinion. Even though Opium is a dangerous substance it reminds me of the Opal and thus makes me think of the color white, like ice and snow, and Imperial reminds me of Royalty and Regalness, as Opirium is a very old Japanese-like country.

Terramis derived from the term Terra, which means earth, as Terramis is lush and green and very earthy.

Dessiara derived from the words Dessert and Tiara, as Dessiara is mainly a dessert country.

All three are monarchies, with lords that take care of provinces in their country.
Fun Fact:

If someone tells you their TSB's name it mean's they consider you a friend of forms and trust you, however names are not that much of a secret, so someone finding out on their own or a slip of tongue is not something one would be scared or ashamed of. Once you know their TSB's name it is customary and respectful you use it.
Fun Fact:

No TSB can be humanoid. This is because of the old inhabitants of the old world, like Penta, Shen, and Kamun. The old inhabitants were all animalistic in appearance, and thus the magics that flew from their tongues dwelled in their forms and their beings, and when sealed away in the new people, took on those animalistic forms as a way to communicate with the world as the old inhabitants once did.
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