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Frequently Asked Questions
Hey guys! Up until now I've always maintained two versions of my FAQ - one here and one on my website. I've decided to stop updating this one and just refer you guys to the one on my site so that I don't have to edit both versions every time I update it!

So, for answers to frequently asked questions and tips & advice, please visit:

And of course, feel free to continue asking questions in the comments section below if they are not answered in the FAQ above!

Thanks for reading!

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Hi! I've got a question: I work on a Creative Disney's Team doing some BG's and characters designs. Is it ok if I use this brushes to make some original draws (on my style) for new products and concepts?

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of course! go right ahead!

can you post the goauche brush_

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soy nueva en esta plataforma me dirias donde descargar tus pinceles porque leo donde hay algunos que publicaste y no me sale para descargar solo se descarga la imagen de presentacion ._.

Hello, I like your design so much, please let me know how to buy your work? Really want to put it on my wall at home. Thanks

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thanks so much and sorry for taking so long to reply! you can find prints of my work on inprnt! http://www.inprnt.com/gallery/loish

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the loish brushset
Is there any possibility that you could post the png of the brushes here?
Like a png of the brush preview? Asking because I do not have PS but with the png's I could replicate the brush into something I can use 
hello, i search you're online market for buy a sweat shirt, please. with this link for buy a sweat shirt : loish.deviantart.com/art/dark-…
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are you asking for the link to buy this as a sweatshirt? you can get it here - www.rageon.com/products/dark-c…
would you ever do free art commissions?
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Will art pieces from your artbook be available as prints one day? I really adore the one with the pink ribbons.
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yes, i'll be posting them next year. just want to keep most of them exclusive to the book for now :)
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What are your stages for colouring? I feel like my art always kind of goes downhill when I try to colour my lineart, and I'm wondering how many steps you take, what kind of process you go through and how long it generally takes for you to do your paintings?
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hm.. my paintings generally take me about 2-4 workdays! a workday is about 5-6 hours of drawing, with breaks in between. as for the steps/proces... there are some photosets showing my process on my blog - blog.loish.net/tagged/process - and some process videos on my vimeo page, vimeo.com/loish ! hope that helps!
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Hi there, I have a question for you if you have the time!

From what I've seen you seem to directly paint colours for your digital painting style. I was wondering if you've ever instead used things like multiply layers or greyscaling? If so, I'd love to know your process or if you have any information/tips/advice on it. 

I'm more of a cartoonist rather then painter, so I always used this like multiply. I also mostly do commissions, where commissioners want colours a specific way or may need a lot of changes, so it makes it very difficult/impossible to do direct painting as it's much harder to fix things (being a furry artist primarily, I have markings I may need to tweak as well), I also just find it more difficult to directly paint on it. 

I've more recently switched to greyscaling, where I keep a folder with all my shading, and half paint, half cell shade. Then add colours on top, but I'm quite new to doing it this way and can't seem to find a good balance. It either looks too cell shaded, or doesn't really look painted. In the end it often looks too simple, and yet at the same time is really busy and took a lot of work, so I seem to be missing something! When I look at your work, because it's directly painted, there's not always a huge contrast in places, like say an arm, yet doing similar it looks pretty simple on mine. 

Of course, I'm sure I'll get it with lots of practice and experimenting, I've already improved in this style quite a lot. 

But, ya, multiply/greyscale is different then directly painting so I was mostly curious if you had information on how you'd do it with that style or if you had examples. 
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i've used multiplly layers for 'cel shaded' works before, just to add the shadows.. here are some examples:

pinup by loish   pet fish by loish  eve by loish

i never do the greyscale thing though. i just feel like that technique completely takes the life out of the colors. maybe it's because i'm not very good at that technique - haven't tried it very often - but i just prefer going straight for the colors! i think in order to get a painted look you really just need to merge all the layers at some point and just paint over the whole thing. or just paint on top, on a separate layer.. but it's just really hard to fake it. if you're keeping all your layers separated it's gonna be really hard to make it all come 'together' as if it were a painting on one canvas so to speak. it sounds like your technique is great for commissions but you could try playing around with the painted style (no greyscale and basically working on one layer) for your personal work? just so that you don't have to worry about tweaking things after?
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Thank you so much for the answer!

Before you answered, I did start playing around with a sketch I had, doing both greyscale and direct painting, and then did one commission offered as a painting commission, direct painted. It turned out pretty well! I think it might be a little difficult with characters with heavy markings, but it might be quite doable! 

Now that I've done it a bit, it gives me another question if you have the time. A lot of your art does have a bit of lineart to it (Like here: blog.loish.net/image/147093011…), do you fix that and add it in or go over lines during/after the painting? I'm doing the method of sketching, put colours on a layer under, then merge all to blend, which can make the lines disappear or look off, so I'm curious if you just fix them afterwards. 
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I fix them afterwards, yes! I like to refine them as I add more shading/detail.
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Wish I could get the opportunity to print your work, Im a fine art printer from South Africa, I do work for artists like Victoria Verbaan and Wesley van Eeden. When you do commissions for private clients what paper and print process do you prefer?
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for commissions, i order giclée prints on a kind of textured off-white paper. it's from a prints shop here in holland that i really like because the quality is always great, with really vivid colors!
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Giclee 12 colour printers will always get your colour right 90% of the time, the off white enhances the vibrancy of the colours. Im sure the paper is a cotton rag giving it an archival quality, thats why I order the paper of the likes of hahnemuhle and tecco photo rag. Thanks for answering, really appreciate it so glad to see how well you have done over the years...Keep it up im sure we are all rooting for you. Dankie ;)
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thanks so much!
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