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Journal Entry: Fri Jan 4, 2019, 6:00 AM

hey deviantart friends :] as you can see I still update here with my art, but I'm not able to keep up with all of the messages that I get, especially the notes! I'm active on so many platforms so I have to draw the line with notes/DMs/etc! so if you want to contact me, please use my e-mail address listed above! oh and if you want to see more frequent posts, you gotta follow me on instagram -

are you guys still active here on dA? how often do you check in? 

This week has brought some tragic and shocking news. Odile van der Stap, otherwise known as Jumei, is sadly no longer with us. She passed away last Saturday. I will not share the details of how or why. I believe this is the task of her close loved ones and family, who are still in a process of grieving their loss.

I know that a lot of people appreciated her beautiful art, and that she has a lot of followers here on DeviantArt - people who loved her work but also who talked with her and even made friends with her here. This was how I met her. I was an admirer of her work, and we started talking to each other through notes, and eventually started hanging out and building a friendship. She was very caring, kind and sweet, but also opinionated and unafraid to speak her mind, which I loved about her. She was a tiny girl with a strong and outspoken personality. 

Now that she's gone, we've lost an amazing mind and a talented creator. I hope her amazing work will never be forgotten, and that she will continue to be appreciated for her beautiful vision. Let's never forget her poetic artwork - things she gave us to enjoy, even now that she is gone. 

Lace by Jumei First Snow by Jumei Tree of Life by Jumei Indian Red Riding Hood by Jumei Glaucous by Jumei Lily by Jumei 

Odile, may you rest in peace Heart 

ARTBLOCK - please share your story!

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 22, 2016, 11:04 AM

hey guys! i wanted to ask anyone out there who has experienced art block to share their story (either here or, if you prefer, privately through notes). i've gotten so many questions about it and i'm considering creating some kind of resource (either written or video) with information and tips on how to handle it. for anyone who's been through art block, i'd love to know:
  • what do you think was the underlying reason? lack of ideas, perfectionism or fear of failure, etc?
  • are you a perfectionist or hard on yourself?
  • do your friends/family support your creative endeavors?
  • were you just starting out or were you in college / working as an artist?
  • if you got past it, was there anything that helped it go away or did it happen on its own?
anything you guys could share would be great :] thanks so much for reading!!

thank you!!

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 12, 2015, 3:54 AM

hey everyone! thanks SO MUCH for the birthday wishes - took me ages to get through all of the messages! you guys are the best, thanks for making me feel special on the day I officially ceased to be in my twenties. I was very touched and highly entertained by the huge array of emoticons and plz account pics!

by the way, for those who have been asking about a 2016 calendar, I will be posting it up soon, hopefully this week!! keep your eyes peeled! also, if you're interested in placing an order for my upcoming artbook before it's officially released, you can pre-order it here -… basically, if you pre-order it until the shipping date (March 14), it will be sent out on the very first day that it is out and you'll be one of the first to get it! or you can wait a while and get it through other channels once it's officially released! whatever works for those of you who are interested in getting it.

a big hug for all of you awesome people :]

Hey everyone! Just wanted to make a last post about the Art of Loish: A Look Behind the Scenes Kickstarter, in case anyone missed my last journal. The book can be purchased through various online channels after it's released in March 2016, but by backing the Kickstarter campaign, you get a unique opportunity to snag some of the exclusive backer prizes and make sure you're first in line to receive the book once it's out! The prizes include an exclusive print, tutorial videos, bookmark, and deck of loish playing cards for all tiers of £23 and above. The Kickstarter closes at 6PM CEST, so be sure to take a look if you're interested!

preview of the exlusive print - 

You can also pick a cheaper tier that includes one tutorial video (£5), which will cover my process for creating a rough character illustration in color. The second tutorial video will cover the full process of a digital painting, and is only available in combination with the other tutorial - so only through tiers that include 2 tutorial videos. 

preview of artwork covered in video tutorial 1 - 

preview of artwork covered in video tutorial 2 - 

There's only 68 hours left before the campaign closes, so check it out if you haven't gotten the chance yet :]

Hey everyone! Any of you remember how I posted a journal entry about maybe making an artbook back in 2011? And then later in 2013? I'm so happy I can finally post a journal entry that isn't just about me speculating on the possibilities - the artbook is finally in the works!! It's going to be called "The Art of Loish - a look behind the scenes", and the Kickstarter was launched last week! Here's a mockup:

A mock-up of the Art of Loish book

It's already far beyond the original funding goal (yay!), but you can still snag a copy on Kickstarter if you want one! If you prefer to wait (or don't have access to a credit card and prefer to pay with paypal), the book will be available through other channels like Amazon and the 3Dtotal book store after it's released. All of the special tiers ran out really fast, but you can still get the book plus a few other goodies!

The book will feature my artwork, but also a lot of background information. It will cover my thought process, techniques and how I learned to draw. It will also have some tutorials and tips, plus exclusive art. I've been working on it for a while and will be dedicated to putting it together full-time for the coming month (in fact, I'm writing a tutorial as we speak!), and I'm teaming up with 3Dtotal who specialize in digital art books and will be doing the printing, packaging+shipping, etc. If you're interested, please go check out the kickstarter and pre-order your copy there!!

Thanks so much for reading!! And for more frequent updates, please check out my facebook page, which will be updated first whenever there's any new developments.

injury - tennis elbow

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 30, 2014, 9:15 AM

i posted a poll last month about drawing injuries and the comments on that poll totally exploded! since i don't have the time to reply to each one individually, i just wanted to let you guys know that i read them and really appreciate the input. it was very comforting for me to know i'm not alone! i myself had tennis elbow last february and it has slowly improved, with what i would guess is a 95% recovery at the moment. my arm feels normal in my daily life and after short drawing sessions, but after a day of drawing, it flares up. i have to take on a new approach to drawing that requires lots of breaks, rest, stretching and a more relaxed approach, which is harder than it sounds! more about that here.

anyways, i just wanted to share those two links with you guys. they might be a comfort to anyone who is struggling with an injury, as well as a warning to anyone who is at risk of developing one! if you have the tendency to draw for hours on end, without breaks, and gets easily stressed or carried away with your work, then please take the time to learn about the risks now before it's too late!

10 years?!? wow!!!

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 10, 2013, 12:07 PM

haha wow, i just noticed that I've officially been on deviantart for 10 years now. gotta draw something to commemorate that soon! i'm not gonna lie, it means quite a lot to me. even though i didn't know it at the time, putting my artwork online and joining art communities like deviantart has become the foundation of pretty much my entire LIFE as i know it now. i mean i started uploading my artwork to this site for fun, just to get in touch with other artists and gain some exposure, and now it is my career. i firmly believe that my fanbase here on deviantart and the things i've learned here have EVERYTHING to do with me being able to work as a freelance artist. i discovered so many inspiring and great artists through this site. the reason i chose the Utrecht School of the Arts as my college was because i followed Bakenius and loved his work; when i didn't like the school i was attending at the time, i contacted him through deviantart notes and he advised me to check out his school in Utrecht. i met most of my friends and my boyfriend (who i've been with for 6 and a half years!) there. i remember two of my new classmates had already seen my work before ever meeting me, thanks to my DTF's!! (deviantart veterans will know: this means Daily Top Favorite, there was always a list of these on the front page and getting one gave you tons of exposure.) 

now, as a freelancer, a lot of my clients approach me because they saw my work online, often here on dA. it's the site that brings the most exposure and traffic to my website, sketchblog, etc. something i never would have guessed when i started uploading all of my pixelly doodles at the age of 18! i still have people approach me, online but also in real life, who know my work from deviantart. it's the art community that i've definitely invested the most time and care into! and have many fond memories of. from the early days when it was still such a small site and new deviations were uploaded only once every few minutes, to the whole jark fiasco and 'yellow day' protest, to the passionate discussions and debates that resulted from every tiny change made to the website, to the chat interviews i've participated in, to receiving daily deviations and becoming a senior member, something i'm very grateful for! although i don't have as much time as i used to to answer comments and interact with people, my fanbase here is incredibly important to me and i really love this community! so yeah, to make a long story short: i'm proud to have been a member of deviantart for 10 years now. on to the next 10!!! 

hey wonderful followers. thanks again for all the help regarding the art theft from last week. i'll keep you posted on what happens!
i'm thinking about that artbook i mentioned a few journal entries back. i have some ideas of how i want to handle the content, which includes a few exclusive pieces, tutorials/walkthroughs and probably a dvd showing my painting process. i want to make it happen! but one thing i've decided is to look for a publisher in the U.S. it would be great since that would make the book altogether more affordable for many of you - it's so expensive to ship from europe! so i wanted to ask if any of you guys could suggest any american publishers or knew any companies that make interesting artbooks that aren't too expensive/gigantic? any tips would be great. thank youuuuuu for reading! :)


Journal Entry: Mon Jul 16, 2012, 2:39 AM
Hello all! I've seen more and more kickstarter projects come by lately, it seems like this method of funding is an increasingly popular thing. I really LOVE this concept, because of the opportunities it gives people who can't find funding elsewhere and the way people can participate in the creation of different kinds of projects. As someone who basically has her entire art career online and thinks sharing the things I do is absolutely crucial to my progress, I see the growth of kickstarter projects as a really positive development!

I was thinking that this could be an option for the funding of the Trichrome series (if you have no clue what I'm talking about, check out ) which I am going to start making in September (I already have research/outlines/scripts for the movies). I am very excited to make these but the problem has always been that I had to put the Trichrome work aside for freelance work quite often, since you know, I need to pay the rent and all! If I get some solid funding, I can basically focus on Trichrome 100% and give it top priority. And given the ideas/artwork I've come up with so far, I'm really excited for that time to come. I just can't wait to make these movies!! And I think kickstarter could be a good option considering that I am not looking to make much profit off of these animated shorts, I really just want to get them done and share them with the world. Most of the money would go to paying my sound designer/composer and 3D effects animator, as well as some PR (making/printing DVD's, posters, maybe an artbook with concept art for the films, promotional stuff basically).

Anyway, kickstarter funding for Trichrome is an idea I've been playing around with, but I honestly haven't done very much research into the idea just yet. I'm mainly just thining about what my options are at this moment. I wanted to ask you guys what your experiences have been with kickstarter so far? Have you ever donated to a project, and what did you get in return for that? Was it worthwhile? Have you ever used it to collect funding for your own projects? What are your feelings on the overall concept, and do you think that using this platform to fund the production of two animated shorts is a good idea? I'd love to hear your input, ideas, advice etc!

commission status:

closed for now, sorry! keep an eye in this journal if you are interested; i announce the opening of commission slots here.


please read my f.a.q for information on how i draw, what programs i use, what i've studied, and much more.


rant + a question!

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 11, 2012, 5:10 AM
i've been sick for the last few days which gave me an opportunity to finally put work aside and spend some valuable time clearing out my deviantart message center. as usual, this always puts a huge smile on my face, thanks to all of your wonderful comments, praise, encouragement, tips, and so on. thank you guys so much for that - i know there are lots of people who think i don't read their comments, but i read them all and they mean more to me than you think! it also always gets me thinking about my own art and how others percieve it.

one thing i notice is that different people like my art for different reasons. generally, the more girly, pinup-like artwork gets the most positive feedback, while many others feel that i draw too much of that and should branch out to other things. some people enjoy my sketches a lot more than my finished artwork, whereas others really enjoy the more polished stuff. of course, that's normal, everyone has different opinions and taste.

personally, i've been indicisive about my own art for a REALLY long time now. actually, ever since high school. i have a style of digital painting that i'm happy with, but which i also find hard to break free from, probably because i have a tendency to stay in the 'safe zone' with my paintings. besides the digital paintings you'll find on deviantart, i also do freelance work which varies enormously. i've worked on interactive animation, concept art, digital painting tutorials, portraits, game illustrations... some required me to use my digital painting style, but others didn't. next to the digital painting and freelance work, i've also been conceptualizing my own animation project, working on an art book, and other personal projects which keep getting interrupted by work.

why do i bring all those things up? well, it's hard to really figure out what forms my identity as an 'artist'. next to the stuff i've already done, i also have potential to improve at things, and figuring out what that will be takes some decision-making. some days i wake up and decide that i simply must pursue a career as a concept artist, and start doodling things along that line. the next day i wake up and think: my calling is as a digital painter, i have to go for that 100%! and then the next day, i suddenly want to animate for the rest of my life. ok, i realize i don't have to do ANY of these things 100%; i can always keep combining them. but this indicisiveness is tough!

anyway, this is a long personal story... but yeah. i see it as a good thing because i have a lot of options. but it's also a bit limiting to be so undecided, and i definitely notice that it drains my inspiration for digital painting. i get plenty of criticism for not having enough variety in my work and not doing more with the skills i have, which is tough because i actually really agree with that. i want to do so much more! but then i'm not sure if i actually do want to improve my digital paintings, or if i actually want to just focus on telling stories with animation instead...? etc etc. you get the idea.

anyways, my question to you guys is: what would you guys like to see me draw? what is the kind of stuff that would really excite you if i posted it here? this is purely out of curiosity. you guys have a fresh and ethusiastic state of mind which i notice in the comments i get. people can point out what they like about my art or suggest things that spark my creativity. where i tend to blank out on ideas, you guys have a much fresher point of view. i'd love to get your opinions on where my art is heading and what you think i could do with it, just so i can get thinking about that as well and maybe get a little more motivated!

thanks for reading!

commission status:

closed for now, sorry! keep an eye in this journal if you are interested; i announce the opening of commission slots here.


please read my f.a.q for information on how i draw, what programs i use, what i've studied, and much more.


old oekaki artwork

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 4, 2011, 1:56 AM

Hello all! Someone asked me a while back if there was any way to view my older oekaki artwork. Since it is such a huge part of how I draw now and a lot of my followers got to know my art through that work, I went ahead and uploaded it into a picasa web album for all to see -… .

It even includes some of the ugliest artwork I have ever made, such as the scary purple too-many-eyelashes creature -… - and a host of padmé (from star wars) as powerpuffs drawings. Awful! The drawings were made between 2003 and 2005. I hope there's at least one person out there who will enjoy this!

:iconarjhun: :iconkitleen: :iconskaffa: :iconstephansol: :iconlijbers: :iconkitton: :iconjumei:

CLOSED for now :]

artbook - thanks!!

Journal Entry: Wed May 25, 2011, 7:29 AM

THANKS EVERYONE for your input! i read through all the comments and took notes of all your suggestions. it is immensely helpful to me. i only have one last question to ask: how much are you willing to pay for an artbook? i do understand that this depends on what you are buying, so the more detailed your answers could be, the better! thanks so much :]

[original entry]
hey everyone! sorry i haven't been so active here lately. work has been growing increasingly demanding! i've been spending 3 days in the week working on a project in amsterdam, and the extra 2 days are usually crammed full with other freelance work. i'm usually pretty beat by the weekend! i used to always find time to draw, but life is changing, i guess. being a grown up sucks sometimes, i'm the worst multitasker ever and there is so much to juggle at once nowadays - work related, running my own business and all of the financial issues that come along with it, keeping the house clean, and a whole gigantic range of other stuff that feels pretty overwhelming at times.

anyway, having realized how much energy full-time work sucks out of me, i have plans to take a break for a few months around june to get back into the groove of drawing my own artwork and coming up with concepts for the trichrome animations! i'm very excited about it, i'm full of ideas and thoughts lately on stuff i can do but have no time to actually make any of them, so i'm very excited for june.

another thing i plan on tackling around that time is looking into making an art book. i want it to look really good and feature some exclusive material and progress shots, and even a tutorial (perhaps a DVD!). i'm really excited about this especially since i've gotten so many requests to make one, but i want to do it well, so i'm really going to invest time into making it.

my question for you guys is: do you guys have any favorite artbooks of particular artists that really stand out to you? i want to do some research and get an idea of what makes an artbook truly interesting and succesful, and could use some pointers. i already have james jean's fables artbook, any other tips out there? thanks so much!

by the way, does anyone know where i can edit the journal title? it's completely unclear to me with this new setup... :[

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CLOSED for now :]


Journal Entry: Tue Jun 8, 2010, 12:35 PM



hey everyone! i've been getting a LOT of questions lately about brushes - which ones i use, where i downloaded them, etc. because of this i updated my f.a.q with this link:… it shows which brushes i use, what the settings are and examples of how i use them.

although i understand that people are curious and want to learn about other people's techniques, i am often surprised that people don't look at the resources they already have (the brushes already installed in the program for example). lots of people are always looking for some kind of 'magic trick' to achieve a certain thing and jump on tutorials, brushes and other resources as if that alone will teach you how to draw. using resources is a good thing but the most important thing is building up experience, finding the things that work for YOU, and coming up with ways to achieve the image you have in your mind. i did make a rough estimate of the flow and opacity settings of the brushes because i get so many questions about it, but honestly i think people should just try out the settings until they like what they see. you don't have to stick to any rules!

hope everyone understands where i'm coming from.. and i hope the new brush ref sheet is useful!

commission status

closed for now!


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lois elsewhere

F.A.Q - new and improved

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 30, 2009, 3:17 PM


Frequently Asked Questions
Hey guys! Up until now I've always maintained two versions of my FAQ - one here and one on my website. I've decided to stop updating this one and just refer you guys to the one on my site so that I don't have to edit both versions every time I update it!

So, for answers to frequently asked questions and tips & advice, please visit:

And of course, feel free to continue asking questions in the comments section below if they are not answered in the FAQ above!

Thanks for reading!


Journal Entry: Tue Oct 6, 2009, 1:20 PM

  • help!

THANKS SO MUCH everyone for all the help! i really enjoyed looking through all the music and managed to find something for my showreel. it's a surprise though ;D but i'll let you guys know when the showreel is online!

again: thank you so much! (i don't really have the time to respond to each comment individually so i hope this will suffice!)

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CLOSED for the time being.

digital art and screens

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 23, 2008, 4:48 PM

new laptop

i got a new laptop today, a dell xps m1530. anything is better than my old asus z92m who, ever since my trip to tanzania, hasn't quite been the same, and besides that has suffered many a gallon of tea, coffee, and water poured over its delicate exterior. but besides wanting to brag about how much i love my newest material possesion and am generally satisfied with the appearance of windows vista, i wonder about the screen.

it's definitely a great screen. specifically, it's a 15,4-inch UltraSharp™ WSXGA+ (1.680 x 1.050) TFT-widescreen... screen. i decided to invest in this aspect of the laptop since i figured having more workspace and better general quality would have a positive effect on my artwork and animation. but now that i have it in front of me, i notice that a) colors are generally much sharper and precise but also more muted and desaturated than other screens and b) everything is MEGA SHARP and small!

my artwork tends to be much too brown-ish and dark as it is because my old screen made things appear much less saturated than they were in print or on most other screens, so i ended up inadvertently over-playing the sepia thing when i was working. and also, when i view my website and other designs on this new screen, it all feels so small and shrunken down compared to my old resolution, so i wouldn't be surprised if my future layouts feel good on this screen and are suddenly too huge and expansive on other resolutions.

i don't want to complain too much, because i just love this laptop, but i wonder if other people have had issues with how their art/designs translate to other screens or print. does anyone else think their work looks a certain way only to find that in some form or other, it's totally different?

commission status

temporarily closed until february, probably. sorry!


my 2009 calendar is available! artgyrl got hers and was satisfied with the quality as her blog attests (thanks!!). buy 'em before it's already 2009!

art book

fusion junction has a book out with my artwork in it. the idea behind fusion junction is to publish books that feature four different artists in one book, and i've been included in a release called 'queen of arts.' the other artists included in the book are excellent, by the way. if you'd like to order, check out this link:… !


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DA journal - various updates

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 6, 2008, 2:12 AM

animation online

just to let you guys know i finally posted my 3rd year animation online, i had to wait on the sound designers for the finished work. check it out here on youtube -… (there's a link to a better quality one in the description there).

anyone notice that when the movie's done all these ariel slideshows come by with my artwork in it? *shoots self*

commissions closed

i'm no longer accepting commissions. i have a month left til i go to tanzania for until november (school exchange program thing), and in that time i have to not only buy malaria pills and get shots and all the works, but also finish off the commissions i accepted before i left on my great bicycling adventure. sorry about that!

art book

fusion junction is publishing a book with my art in it. the idea behind fusion junction is to publish books that feature four different artists in one book, and i've been included in a release called 'queen of arts.' if you'd like to pre-order, check out this link:… !

recent activity

updated website

pointless babble

Journal Entry: Sat May 31, 2008, 9:41 AM

commissions open

hey everyone! just announcing that commissions are open. for prices and info, please email me at please keep in mind that i'm not offering them as cheaply as the last round.

that's all folks, for the rest i am just an empty husk of a human being, existing purely for the purpose of finishing off required schoolwork assignments. allright, bye!

art book
fusion junction is publishing a book with my art in it. the idea behind fusion junction is to publish books that feature four different artists in one book, and i've been included in a release called 'queen of arts.' the other artists included in the book are excellent, by the way. if you'd like to pre-order, check out this link:… !

buy stuff

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site down

Journal Entry: Mon May 12, 2008, 8:23 AM

my site is down... apparently there were payment problems that no one took the time to contact me about in advance, so now my 'account is suspended.' i can't even access my own ftp. anyway, time to seriously start looking for new hosting somewhere. anyone got tips?