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one of those drawings that starts as a rough doodle and then just keeps going and going until it morphs into something 'finished' :]

drawn in photoshop cs5 with a cintiq 24HD in about 6-7 hours. for more info on my artwork please visit [link]

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i like the colors u use
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It's so ethereal, it's gorgeous
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I feel like she just got a bed sheet out of the dryer. Awww yee. Jumpin' On the Bed
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haha. nothing beats that feeling
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Great anatomy!
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Reminds me of the wonders being between the outside world and the comfort of a blanket in just a vary of many peaceful moments that come around when we least expect to take advantage of if even just for five more minutes. Like in winter we feel just safe in the warmth of a blanker/coat , not wanting to get of bed in just the very second after waking up from a dream, you feel the comfort of the bed in the very last second before being called to the real world.
I'm sorry, this is just too beautiful. The strokes against the figure looks like rays of light from the colors of a fire/sunset.
This pictures wakes me want to crawl in my bed and surround myself with puffy pillows and snuggles in a blanket for no particular reason.
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I don't know why, but I thought about Red Riding Hood when I saw that picture. haha, I had to share.
Your artworks re awesome btw! Wonderful! :D
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wow. I love the red... it feels so warm and protecting.
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Looks like a cool version of the Scarlet Witch :) 
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you got beautiful people style

and very nice color/tone values
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great color key!
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Amazing really love it.
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looks like a version of lil red riding hood
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hi, beautiull piece of work here :D compliments!

Can i ask you a fav? could you link me the texture you used for this? ;)

thanks a lot and looking forward to see more inspiring stuff from you :)
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hey! thanks for the comment. i don't remember which specific texture i used for this, and i merge it in with the image so i can't really check. i'm sure it was a concrete wall texture from or sorry i can't help in a more specific way!
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I love how fluid this piece is. It's quite drawing, really.
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i love your paintings and I get a lot of inspiration from them, but jesus christ that left hand!
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