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By loish
some pastelly heads. thanks xfallinghearts for the fantastic watercolor texture: 
Red Watercolor Wash by xfallinghearts

drawn in photoshop cs5 with a cintiq companion. for more info on my artwork please visit…

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very nice work, Loish! Keep it going!
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Really nice. I really like the on from the middle : )
Honestly I'm not one to judge you, but I'll do it anyways. First of all, that comment can come off as creepy for two main reasons; 1, you are guessing someone's intellect based on their art in a way that's almost stalkery in nature; and 2, you try to come off as an emotional person just looking for a deep connection, yet you switch from flattering her art to talking about your own art in a manner that makes you come off as self-centered. This entire comment just screams"hey I like your art, but look at my art". I'm not saying this to be rude, I just said it to warn you about the way you're comming off.
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I love your colourful outlines! They make your art so unique :)
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One time again, what a lovely colors you use ! These blues/purple/pink are pretty ♥
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Beautiful Portraits! :-)
mbinz's avatar
Beautiful! `¬)
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these are amazing
popovy101's avatar
where do you draw your amazing art!?
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ah look s great :)
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They are all really gorgeous! :clap: :heart:

The last girl reminds me of Amethyst from "Steven Universe". 
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Fantastic works!)
BellaPepperSeeds's avatar
the blue and purple yasss just yasss!!!
gabbsbach's avatar
lismika's avatar
this is a original style,and i like this,

and please,you accept the request of commissions?

this is free?

and sorry for my bad english...
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thanks so much! i'm not taking commissions at the moment though, sorry!
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love how you put a lot of "3D" Imagination into it- without using "3D programs" (I don´t like em) and cling to good old drawings.
faces may be angular or square or even triangular but in the end they are soft and round, mostly - the hair should emphasize that,
like in your pics :-)
if this might Sound too technical -- the results are simply beautiful :-)
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Interesting faces of girls)
Mugmur's avatar
So Good! ♥
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