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tutorial - drawing a female face

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at long last! a loish tutorial! this one was commissioned by the folks over at autodesk-sketchbook, for the March Hero Challenge that just went up! more info here - March Hero Challenge: Stephen Silver

the image is huge, please be patient and give it some time to load :)

although the art was made in autodesk sketchbook 7 (more info on the program here - sketchbook.com), the method applies to basically any digital program that has basic layer and brush functions. i mostly use photoshop but have been playing around with sketchbook more since getting a cintiq companion (it's a more intuitive and fast program for touch devices). 

for more information on my techniques (including background information, tips, and links to process vids and other resources i've done in the past): please check out my FAQ!! - F.A.Q - new and improved
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Blugo34Hobbyist Digital Artist
do you have anything for anatomy?
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I've been trying to figure out digital painting, so I used this tutorial to draw one of my own characters and I am almost ANGRY at how pretty the result is, thank you, this is a good tutorial for someone who is sitting here with NO CLUE what they're doing.

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xxmisaProfessional Photographer

Thank you!!!

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Vyctorian Digital Artist
Thanks for making this!~
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See my hot pic here - FreeGirls
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Thank you very much for sharing the tutorial.
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PranavMHariHobbyist Digital Artist
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DetritophageHobbyist Digital Artist
She is gorgeous!
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emcorpusProfessional General Artist
Lois, thank you so much for your generosity in sharing.
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galax-amHobbyist General Artist
ive referred to this tutorial 1193219389453789 times like any time im doing a painting and i still cant get it right :^)
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MiLaNThEPeNCiLsStudent Digital Artist
Your work is superb! 
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Lilly-MistHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is great! Thank you.
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xKaoruhHobbyist General Artist
Omg I love this tutorial so much, thank you for this! You are such a big inspiration for me, absolute art goddess ♥ *-*.
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AusFastLifeHobbyist Photographer
Yeah, I agree with everyone else.  That is an amazing picture and a really well done tutorial.  Can I ask a beginner question, and anyone feel free to answer, I notice on many tutorials and speed paintings etc, the artist will say, do X, and we can see that doing X makes a big improvement on the image, but as a beginner I am never sure what the actual process is that we are being told to do.  e.g. in this tutorial for example, up in Part 5:  Base Color, Step 2.3 the instruction is "Clean edges and fix color layer".  As a beginner I don't actually know what that means.  What exactly does one do to "Clean edges"?  And what is the process of "fixing" the color layer?  Any thoughts on these specific instructions would be very much appreciated!
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hey! thanks for your comment!
What I mean by that is: once you set your lines to multiply and change the color of the lines, this usually reveals some inconsistencies in your color layer. some color blocking might appear sloppy because it becomes 'exposed' by the lighter lines. so you have to go to your color layer and make sure it's all consistent and neatly colored in. if you look at the outer edge of the hair in the step before.. and compare it to the step after.. you can see that it's been made a bit 'neater'. that's what i mean :)
hope that helps!
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KaiVorailHobbyist General Artist
Excuse the expression but Holy Crap! This was really well done and I learnt quite a bit from it. Thank you.
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MatMyHairHobbyist General Artist
I do know how to thank you for this tutorial! <3 Loish's tutorial - female face practice 
I am sorry that i drew the same lineart as you but i wanted to focus on the colouring only 
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FantalecGatewayHobbyist General Artist
First recommendation I got on sketchbook!This really helped me souch and I feel like I'm actually making some progress! Thank you so much!!!
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diananemesuProfessional General Artist
Thank you! I am still struggling with finding the perfect skin color combo [ base+shade+highlights]. But I think I did okay.
Portrait practice by thesleepyunicornx
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This is really good and made me sad about my own art
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don't be!! always keep drawing!!
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FantalecGatewayHobbyist General Artist
Naw don't be sad about your own art! Everyone has to start someahere Nd everyone's art is different!
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