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trouble letting go

felt like making a personal digital painting again after all of the commissions! :] exaggerated proportions are intentional.

edit - someone pointed out in the comments that this piece looks a lot like eric fortune's beautiful piece 'beyond the past' -… . this is no coincidence, i am hugely inspired by his work and that piece in particular! i didn't credit him or this specific piece in the original description, because i didn't realize the similarity until someone pointed it out. i then edited my description to say "very influenced by the wonderful and dream-like work of eric fortune" but i'm now updating with the link to the specific piece included - please check out eric fortune's work, it's amazing!

worked on this on and off over the course of three weeks.. probably spent a good 15 hours doing it. drawn in photoshop CS3 with an intuos3 tablet. textures from , tips on how to use textures can be found here -… and for other tips check out my f.a.q -…
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I just can't stop staring at this image. Its every aspect is a masterpiece for me. It has everything and doesn't have anything unnecessary - perfect in its beauty.
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I love your color schemes!
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nicky minaj <3333
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Nice, but it looks way too much like Eric Fortune’s “Beyond The Past”. Borrowing concepts is fine but you went as far as using almost the exact same pose. Same goes for your “Surfaces” piece – both this and that piece are beautiful but you “borrowed” way too much from Eric Fortune without even mentioning him in the description.

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"very influenced by the wonderful and dream-like work of eric fortune."
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she added that bit after larilah left that comment... lol
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dude this was 4 years ago
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her face is.... omg :D 
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Very painterly, and love the color pallet.
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I'm not sure how I didn't see your work before but wow so inspiring you know what makes a great artist someone that can emote a feeling from your work.
It make me wan to paint and discover what talents lie under my skin, I thank you can't wait for more of your excellent work.
reminds me a little of the oneirology cover, but with its own unique essence...loving it
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thanks! this was actually one of the ref images for that cover (the group wanted it to resemble this haha)
You're incredible! Thanks for the art!
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Wow, Huge fan what software do you use and where did you study art
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i use photoshop and studied at the utrecht school of the arts! it was animation though, my digital painting knowledge is self-taught!
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This is up there with one of the best pieces of art work I've seen on here. It's so kind on the eye. Simply outstanding
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I love the ambiguity of this piece, it can be interpreted in many ways... very well done, interesting colors and awesome texture :D
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Wow I saw your work featured in the magazine ImagineFX. I love your work!
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