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travel // mountain

Another piece in which I travel through my art, because I’m not travelling in real life this year! This one is based on the Hardergrat trail in Switzerland, which looks so beautiful but also so scary! 

Full real-time process video for this one is available through my 

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And again, you created a wonderfull scenery.

I really find myself daydreaming. The colors, the shapes, the feeling of a deep and far scene evoke lots of emotions, like a good piece of art should.

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Cliiiimb every mooountain... :music:

Nude hiking is even more hardcore! :)

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that's only for the truly brave.

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You can still travel around the country, I hope? I forget where you live...

I went on a road trip through the U.S. with no problems. I was camping so isolation was easy. Even in hardcore lockdown states, travel is not difficult.

Also, I like LOOKING at that path but I don't know how I'd feel walking on it...

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thanks! I can travel in my own country, but I'm in the netherlands so it's quite a tiny country. I could travel further but I just don't like taking risks during this time (not just for getting corona but also getting stuck in a country that suddenly changes the rules). sounds like you had an incredible trip, I would definitely do the same if I was in the U.S!

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There is just nothing like your style... Everytime single time.

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The contrast of greens and blues work very well here to provide a balance of color throughout, and also the clouds towards the top of the piece serve to provide a superb sense of scale and depth. Then you incorporated red in the character, which does help it stand out quite well.

With that said though..some things did distract me. I can see that you likely intended a circular dynamic eye movement throughout the piece ( for me, it was from the bottom right corner to the character, along the edge of the mountain to the peak ( near the top left corner ) and then along the line created by the clouds ). However, those bright..'browns' ( ? - sometimes its hard for me to exactly discern colors ) just below the peak I mentioned distracted me, and it was likely simply due to the fact that they contrast very well with the blues of the mountain around them. It was distracting since my eyes just wanted to follow along the green edge, but those browns ruined that dynamic eye movement for me a bit.

Overall, nice work! Your rendering always keep me coming back to your work

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thanks for your thoughtful comment!

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Switzerland has such gorgeous places :love:

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Very nice piece, before I even read the description I knew what it was based on!

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*soft gasp* I can feel how fresh the air is

I also like the rough edge

I'm sorry you can't travel this year :( hang in there

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Agreed, but let's concentrate on the beauty for now.

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The poor girl looks desperately unprepared for hiking in the mountains! :D

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haha good point

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Lolol you are so right
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But that makes it interesting ;-)

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This is genuinely beautiful, and a true depiction of I think how a lot of people are feeling right now.
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thank you! there's something just so overwhelming about feeling like you need to stay put for a long time.

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I can totally relate! It's a beautiful painting
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They do have some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, and you've captured it perfectly here :heart:

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thanks! i really hope to see it one day in person.

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