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time warp revisited

By loish
figured i'd post an updated version of the time warp drawing i did back in 2009... seeing as i'm in a new phase of life now! 

original meme template here - Do The Time Warp

and here's my short life story again for anyone who's curious: 
my family moved around a lot because my dad had a job with the dutch embassy. born in dordrecht (holland), moved to virginia when i was 4, moved to jakarta (indonesia) when i was 8, moved to paris when i was 11, moved to brussels when i was 15, went to gent (belgium) for college for 1 year, then moved to hilversum (holland) to study at the utrecht school of the arts, moved to utrecht in 2009, and have lived there ever since! i've been a freelance artist ever since graduating that same year. and no, i don't speak a lot of languages unfortunately - i suck at languages and i went to international school where classes were taught in english, so i'm bilingual english/dutch!

questions? FAQ

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ACioffi's avatar
I'm at the age 23 phase now, I have never found something so relatable!
Levi022005's avatar
the evolution of stacy
Seeeks's avatar
I did my own version of this at one point. It's interesting to see someone else who's about the same age, yet mostly different.
NicmationArt's avatar
Im so doing this even if im only up to 24 at moment
Morfyia's avatar
This is so cute! I love it! Honestly wonder how I looked at these phases too :D gotta try this
Eldacur's avatar
Don't go too overboard with the "grown up" bit. 😉
Thillton's avatar
wow glow up Loish
SchweeBANG's avatar
i'm still 15 and it is shit 
No--Chill's avatar
It's true. It will be over very soon. Embrace it. Your youth is fading.
loish's avatar
yeah 15 is a pretty brutal age. it'll be over soon!! 
kari-joan-salli's avatar
!! I totally had that tent phase lolz! like for reals.. trade the bright green tenis with something brown and clunky and I wore THAT EXACT outfit for years 
Zadsa's avatar
Tights as pants?! 
ZaazJay's avatar
Would be weird if she wore tights as t-shirt.
SoaringWings38's avatar
I am not really sure if you have progressed or degenerated. But nice evolution.
Aleriaxx's avatar
You've been one of my favorite artists on Deviantart for a while now and I never knew you used to live like ten minutes from where I am now o_____o Oh my god. 
(I live in Fairfax, Virginia)
burstingrage's avatar
that's weird because I live in the same district as you!
Libberachi's avatar
Hahahahaha, my friend from high school is still a HUUUUUUGE Hanson fan, so I find this awesome. We're both 34, by the way. :)
SoaringWings38's avatar
SoaringWings38's avatar
Hanson, as in Chris Hanson.
Libberachi's avatar
Lol, I have no idea, sorry. My friend is into Hanson, not me. :0)
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