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testing - please respond

hello all! as you might have heard, there've been some technical problems with my account here on dA lately. one of them is that my submissions are not appearing in many of my watchers' inboxes. i've contacted dA about it but it's been a week now and i haven't heard anything back. so i decided to just upload something as a test to see how many people receive it and contact dA about it once more. it's pretty important to me and i've decided to put off uploading any finished pieces until the problem is solved, so if you could please comment and let me know if this appeared in your message center, that would be great and very helpful! thanks so much.

since this is a test, i might end up re-submitting it a few times to see if the problem has been fixed. my apologies in advance for those of you who DO receive my uploads and may find this submission in their message center more than once! i hope you understand my reasons.
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Sorry. I've been off for quite a while. No issues on my end receiving.
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Yea I haven't got a lot of ur posts in a while either had to browse through and fav a bunch. I was like when did loish draw these?!? Lol hope they fix it soon.
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XDDDDDDD kjsdnkajsdnkasdsad XD make me laught xD
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Showed up here.
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Very adorable and well done image, just for testing(!?!?)
I like that :-)
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Goot eeet ;) (Y)
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i seem to be getting all of your posts...
loving the view!
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commenting to letting you know that this appeared in my messages
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Appeared, probably too late now :P
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I haven't checked my message section in AGES but yes it appeared but I finally got around to and your image was there.
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How do you do it!
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it appeared!!
and i love the way you color
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Got it!
And it looks pretty darn good for a test.
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