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been sketching on paper a lot recently - it’s been a nice switch from a super tedious digital painting i’m working on right now :) by the way - i post these regularly on my instagram!!

drawn with a mechanical pencil (HB) on regular a4 paper. 

In White - stock by FrancescaAmyMaria by FrancescaAmyMaria Nervous by Danika-Stock by Danika-Stock Sleepy Time 09 by Null-Entity Sleepy Time 12 by Null-Entity  by Null-Entity

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Glad to see a big artist post humble sketches. It shows a great deal of humility when an artist through their work is saying "We're all learning." Again, thanks!
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Your lines look perfect. How did you do that? I don't know how to control the use of my lines or how to put depth using lines, when I'm sketching.
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i see potential here.
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your work is amazing!
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Very interresting studies :)
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hahaha I recognized Danika-Stock 's face right away =D
Lovely-Bacar's avatar
wow this is wonderful 
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Great Designs and Layouts
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Wow this is great skecthing.
Wish i could ..
Love your work :iconloish: loish.
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Crap this is awesome
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Thankyou for sharing so much with us, including sketches like these! I love seeing how you approach drawing from reference, ridiculously inspiring as always :heart:
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Haaaaaaaàaàaaaaaaaaaaaaands!...I'm jelly, practically jam about how utterly good them hands are...I'd take those hands to dinner, and not a cheap take-out grease pile, but a fiiine diner kinda date.
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I love your sketches! 
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Wonderful/organic shapes
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Is it alright to save these to learn off of? I don't want to copy, just get better. You are always quite the inspiration, I love your art style!
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no problem at all :)
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The lady on the far right: where have I seen her before?

I like the hands.
abbydreamcutie's avatar
I love your sketches with the variation of characters and the studies of feets and hands poses :)
Scintillarescenza's avatar
Your art style is so dynamic.
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awesome sketch! Loish !
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