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self portrait

It's been a while since I last drew a self portrait from my mirror reflection so I figured I'd give it another go. It's really hard trying to get the lighting right from real life observation, but I always feel like it's a great learning experience in retrospect! 

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wow how cute you are lady!

ToukoLovesArt's avatar

A beautiful self portrait.

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Twenty years ago or so I had the good fortune to see a Chuck Close exhibit in New York City (if you've never seen his work, I do highly recommend).

While you and Close use different methods of creation, your expression in this piece instantly reminded me of his subjects.

His subjects are generally not posed or poised to impress: they are calmly, honestly themselves.

In this portrait I see calm, focused eyes intent on capturing everything objectively, solely focused on the work at hand, trying realign your perception of self every time you return your gaze to the mirror.

The hair, however, lives in direct contrast to this: it is a wildflower corona encircling the intensity of the eyes. The sweeps and swoops of the hair are as unfocused as the eyes are focused.

Very nice piece. :)

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thanks so much for your thoughtful comment!

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That's an excellent self portrait nice one!

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Oh.. You're so cutie

Fractamonium's avatar

Great self portrait! You are a beautiful woman and a great artist! Thanks for the watch!

mpz28's avatar

Nicely done, & thanks for sharing Badassplz

tnp651's avatar

I love your more realistic work 🥰

DazedDaisiesO-o's avatar

It's so life-like. Wow.

JeanleFrancois's avatar

Great self portrait :)

xSocratesx's avatar

Better self-portrait than I was ever able to draw lol

AlberichPotter's avatar

Hallo Lois, leuk je te ontmoeten, en een mooi portret! :love:

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pinestater234's avatar

Great Portrait! Lovely Work! That's not to say that all of your work isn't Excellent, cause it is! Fav

thenotunnameless's avatar

Fantastic job, and super pretty!

DuskyDays's avatar

Wow! You draw better than me!

ObscureFanArtist's avatar

Bravo on everything.

Justa-Watcher49's avatar

Absolutely lovely

Gardon's avatar

It looks amazing! Very natural!

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