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This painting is inspired by the art of Huang Xu, who makes hauntingly beautiful photographs of colored plastic bags floating against a dark background. The photos are so poetic and striking that I really wanted to try and capture that in my art. 

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Very impressive and very creative, amazing work :)

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I love how she's so calm...

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Your use of contrasting colors drew me into this piece initially ( the whites and blacks obviously contrast well, but the whites also contrast with those reds, and they work very well together - and the skin color of the girl also creates a grounded focal point for the whole piece ). Your anatomy and pose of the girl is on point and feels very believable as well. I did look up Huang Xu, and I'll say that I did feel you managed to capture some of the..'essence' of his own art. The 'striking' aspect of this piece would definitely be those bold colors ( at least for me - as I've already stated ).

I will say that one thing..did distract me. The white and red cloth at the very bottom of the piece caught my eyes..too much ( and it might not have even been intentional ). So, while I observed that area more closely, I strongly felt that if there was more space at the bottom edge or if those cloths ended before they touched the bottom edge, my eyes would have flowed much more..'naturally' in that area ( and it would have helped to balance out the piece in it of itself, with lots of brighter values at the top edge and then more darker values at the bottom edge - at the end of the day, it definitely could just be me though ).

Overall, this pice really inspired me, nice work!

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Level of detail has gone through the roof as of your latest years of work, awesome, yet still elegantly simple in approach.

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Really nice.

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Stunning work! Absolutely gorgeous piece... Well done! :love: :love: :love:

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Magnificient !

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grand piece, loish. kudos galore

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aw, thank you. this gif puts a smile on my face

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Looks absolutely amazing!
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